Monday, August 26, 2013

The John Lennon Collection by Adlens

This unique eyewear collection offers a revolutionary new technology that allows you to create your own prescription in less than 1 minute, while owning John Lennon's signature style and passion for good. For the first time, the  glasses created by the UK-based company are available commercially in the US and can be brought online at

When asked to review the eyeglasses, we were extremely impressed on how convenient and just down right cool they looked. Not only can you improve your sight without having to make an doctor appointment, but someone less fortunate can receive the same gift as well.

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For each pair purchased, a pair will be donated through their Vision for a Nation program to Rwanda - where there are 1.1 million people in need of glasses and only 4 optometrists. The collection, which is officially partnered with the Lennon estate, features 11 pairs including traditional prescription glasses (Optical Collection) and colorful prescription sunglasses (Sun & Imagine Collection), priced between $123 - 163.


  1. I Love the john lennon collection . Theres a wide choice for everyones taste !

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