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It may have been a mild November for most of the month, but one thing is for sure, it will get colder. So now is the ideal time to find that perfect winter coat because you never know when the frigid winter chill will creep it's way in. When it comes to shopping for outerwear, let's be honest the options available to the masses aren't always that appealing or unique. For the most part, you have to juggle sacrificing style for warmth and warmth for style, but finding a coat that can offer both is a dream come true. Here are a few things I look for when shopping for a winter coat.

Local Philadelphia artist King Saladeen teamed up with Diadora to create a very special collection featuring the Diadora Maverick "JP Tennis Shoe" ($150) and Diadora N9002 "Museum Runner ($175) - two of the brands most iconic silhouettes. Both styles will be available in Men's sizes 8-12.5, which leaves me a little jealous since I wear a Men's size 6. 

The Lagos Sample Sale Has Begun

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Lagos is hosting their annual sample sale online for the first time ever! Now is the best time to shop their iconic Lagos caviar beaded designs at 50% off the retail price. During this once a year sale, customers can find 18K gold, sterling silver, and ceramic caviar creations. 

PHS Presents: PHeaSt A Virtual Harvest Party

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The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society (PHS) will host PHeaSt: A Harvest Party 2020, a virtual celebration of good food, gardening, culture, and family, on Friday, November 13, 2020 from 6:30-7:30 pm. Guests will experience a cross-cultural culinary adventure, led by Nathalie Richan – chef/owner of the Fishtown restaurants Suraya and Café La Maude – who will prepare a menu based on her Lebanese grandmother’s traditional recipes she learned while growing up in Beirut. 

Growing up in Beirut, Lebanon, Nathalie was influenced by their mother’s and grandmother’s family recipes based on simple and delicious preparations of healthy, fresh food. Guests at PHeaSt will learn how these experiences and influences have been carried across continents, bringing the spirit of Lebanese cuisine and culture to Philadelphia at their rave-reviewed restaurants. PHeaSt will remind us all that the simple pleasures of time spent cooking and eating with family can sustain us in both joyous and challenging times


By purchasing a ticket, you will also be supporting PHS’s year-round efforts to create a cleaner, healthier, and more beautiful region through our work to invest in community gardens, plant trees throughout the region, transform vacant land, and beautify our public spaces. The annual event has gone virtual to provide Philadelphians as well as gardeners and foodies around the world the opportunity to learn new recipes from the famed chefs, hear about PHS’s impact in communities, and enjoy a warm and lively evening with a talented chef.


Tickets are $75 and can be purchased at: www.phsonline.org/events/pheast-a-harvest-party. Attendees will receive a link to the event as well as recipes for the evenings preparations. 

Fashion Nova Launches Beauty Line

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Beloved fashion brand, Fashion Nova is making some major moves this month. Not only do they have an upcoming collaboration with Meg The Stallion coming November 18, but they have just launched an all-new, pro-level, makeup line called Maven Beauty

The first collection, "Basic Beat" delivers on-trend, long-lasting, high-pigment and retouch friendly essentials at price points ranging from $6 for a makeup brush to $19 for an eyeshadow pallet. The collection also includes false lashes and is 100% vegan and cruelty-free. 

A complete list of products include:

  • Basic Beat Eyeshadow Palettes (SRP $19) – High-pigment bite-sized palettes, designed with unique hybrid surface technology (HTTP) to deliver bold color with a dewy feel and finish. The Basic Beat eyeshadow palettes can also be used to contour or blush the face as well as an all-over highlighter. 
  • Basic Beat Cream Eyeshadow (SRP $13) – Creamy eyeshadow infused with marine lavender extract for a quick lift and anti-wrinkle effect. These eye shadows can be used as a base for any eye look or worn alone for a naturally blended beat. 
  • Maven Highlighter (SRP $15– This clear gel highlighter was created with a unique wet-tech process that intensifies the pearlescent pigment for a flawless look on your face and/or body. 
  • Maven Lipsticks (SRP $14– In five gorgeous shades including the Maven Red Velvet, these luxurious demi-matte lipsticks are retouch friendly and can be layered liberally without feathering or bleeding for a fresh look every time. 
  • Maven Waterproof Liquid Liner (SRP $14)– Featuring a calligraphy worthy brush applicator and a no-waste delivery system that ensures an always fresh application. Available in matte and shimmering pearl shades, this liquid liner can also double as an eyeshadow. 
  • Maven Pro Artistry Brushes (SRP $6-$19) – These soft and fine texture brushes come in 30 different bristle shapes and sizes to give you the tools needed to be your own artist. 
  • Maven Pro Lashes (SRP $9Artistically designed and responsibly made, Maven Pro Lashes are reusable and come in an assortment of styles to enhance any look.
Maven Beauty will continue to drop collections year-round, so if you want to stay in the know. follow them on Instagram at @MavenBeauty! So what do y'all think? Let me know what products you're most interested in.
Happy Monday Everyone and welcome to what I want to call "The Monday Minute", a quick one minute read about a highlighted trend of the season at five different price points. There will also be a Pinterest board with style inspiration to help you show off you look with confidence.
Fall is officially here and I couldn't be happier. Even though this past summer wasn't that bad, nothing beats those cool nights and fall fashion. One fall favorite that has really started to grow on me is the Teddy Coat. Warm and cozy, yet cute and stylish, the teddy coat is back at it again in a variety of colors, styles, lengths, and textures. Best of all, they can be found in almost all of your favorite retailers at every price point. Whether you're looking to keep it budget friendly like this one for $48 found on ASOS or splurge on this Max Mara Teddy Alpaca Wool and Silk Coat for you yourself, I found 5 teddy coats to match your budget and wear now!

On the Go with Goli

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If you're into maintaining a healthy balanced diet. goli is definitely a great way to go. Much talk has been around Apple Cider Vinegar and weight loss, but most people don't like the taste or it could be difficult to fit into your daily lifestyle. On the flip side, goli gummies don't require any mixing or have a strong unpleasant taste. I usually toss the bottle into my backpack before heading work, so I can remember to take them throughout the day.

So, how do I fit goli into my schedule? Mostly after meals. For example, for breakfast, I usually eat something light, like a yogurt with granola and fruit and then follow up with 2 goli gummies. What I've noticed since taking them, is that I'm not super hungry in-between meals because they help reduce appetite, which lets me avoid unnecessary snaking and over indulging. Goli gummies can be taken up to three times a day or whenever you see fit.

Goli gummies don't just taste good, but they're good for you. Goli is gluten-free, vegan, non-gmo, unfiltered, gelatin-free, and kosher. They also support gut health for heathy digestion, supports healthy weight management, promote a healthy immune system, contains B12 for heathy skin and improves energy. Goli also puts good into the world by working with Vitamins Angels,  who continually strive to reduce malnutrition in children by giving them access to lifesaving vitamins and minerals. Every purchase made provides a 1-for-1 Vitamin grant through our partnership with Vitamin Angels to provide a child in need with a 6-month supply of vitamins.

. Whether you are starting a new heathy lifestyle or just want to keep one going, now is the perfect time to try them for yourself because goli is offering 5% off your order and free shipping when you click this link and enter code: "SHOP5". Tag me on Instagram: @fashionofphilly and let me know what you think.

My Current Skincare/Beauty

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Brittiny Stewart Fashion of Philly

Since my last post, quarantine for me has been over and I went back to working my regular job. It can be a little difficult jumping back into the swing of things, but one thing I am trying to keep consistent is taking good care of my skin. I recently acquired a few new skincare/beauty products that I think you'll enjoy and that you may want to try for yourself, so keep reading if you’re interested. 

Type A Deodorant 
Type A Deodorant is an aluminum free deodorant with sweat activated technology. I purchased this as a part of a digital challenge for Influsenter and ended up really loving it by mistake. Usually I keep a spare deodorant in my bag just in case I run out the house and forget to put some on. However, this time the spare deodorant happened to be the Type A Deodorant that I just purchased from Target. I was a little nervous at first to use it in place of my regular deodorant because I wasn't sure how it would be able to keep up with the fast pace at work. But it turned out to be really good. The squeeze tube container is a little unordinary compared to other deodorant containers but it still gets the job done.

A company called Popmask recently sent me three of their self heating sleep mask. Sleepover, Starry Eyes  and Jetsetter come in packs of 5 self-warming sleep mask that heat up in less than 30 seconds and soothe you right to sleep. The sleepover mask comes in a rose scent and the jet-setter has a calming Jasmine scent. I like the fact that they're really easy to use and can be easily stored in your carry-on/overnight bag or on your nightstand. At first I found it a little odd to get used to the heat around your eyes since usually it’s a cold eye mask but it turns out that warmth increases circulation, plumping skin around the eyes for a more rested appearance, while also encouraging the mind to quiet itself, let go of tensions and maybe even drift off to sleep.

CBD beauty and skincare is on the rise! So when KUL CBD reached out to me about trying some of their products I was very intrigued. Their products are made from patent-pending formulas modelled after high end brands like La Mar and Chantecaille but with Full Spectrum CBD and affordable prices. I was very interested in trying their exfoliating cleanser and glö serum. 

Exfoliating Cleanser
The exfoliating cleanser contains 100 mg of CBD and is great for getting rid of those dead skin cells, balancing probiotics and antioxidants leaving your skin brighter an evening out your skin tone. It also includes ingredients like apple fruit extract, green tea, pro-vitamin B5 and apricot seeds. I love that it didn't feel too rough of my face and I can definitely see myself using it daily.
KULCBD Glö Serum
Glö Serum
Their glö serum definitely seals the deal in my skin care routine. It contains 500mg of full spectrum CBD, rose extract, milk thistle and tamanu along with balancing probiotics, hydrating omega-3 fatty acids, and antioxidants to leave your skin feeling more radiant than ever. I love the clean scent and how light-weight it is. It's perfect for that summertime no makeup glow.

212 Luxe

212 Luxe
I recently discovered 212 Luxe as a local, black-owned Philadelphia brand that makes organic body scrubs, soaps, bath bombs and body butters. I personally am a sucker for a good body scrub and their cotton blossom sugar scrub doesn't disappoint. The Shea butter makes the scrub very hydrating, unlike some body scrubs that maybe dry and crumble apart before you can even put it on your skin. 
212 Luxe Cotton Blossom Body Scrub
I also purchased their bar of cotton blossom soap which smells really fresh, not over powering. One thing I definitely noticed is that my skin does not feel dried out after using it. 
These are just a few of my recent favorites that I discovered during the month of June. Don’t forget to come back next month to see what I’m loving for July. 

Hello June!

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Comfortable at home in my 
Aubrey Beverly Hills T-Shirt

Hey June! What a crazy six months it has been so far. It's hard to think my year started out with a cruise to Cozemel and a spontaneous trip to North Carolina with my son and then quickly turned into the unexpected. If 2020 has taught us anything, it has been a message of change. Everything  in everyone's life and lifestyle has changed worldwide. From the way we eat, work, educate, celebrate and now start to rebuild. We've been hearing the words mental health for a while now but lately more than ever. With so much going on right now taking a much-needed break from the media either on television, the internet, or social media is necessary. It's so easy to get completely overwhelmed really fast. I've had to learn how to step away, refocus and recharge. There has been at least five things I've been doing during the week to keep a clear headspace. 

I like to wear my Acadia Loungewear Set 
when cleaning up around the house.

Fix up my room - Having a clean space can help you clean your mind. I took the time to declutter and organize my room during the quarantine period to help me clear the slate, sort of speak, on what would be my new normal. First I thought about the items I really wanted to organize and mastered that, one section at a time. From nail polish to shoes I found some great organizational products, tips, and tricks browsing Pinterest and Amazon. I still have a few areas I still need to tend to, but I'm proud of the progress that I've made.

Playing dress up in the 
Aurelia Dress from FemmeLuxe.

When "outside" was open I used to love going to the gym, it became a place of escape for me, where I can recharge and reset. Even though my gym is closed, I've been still trying to keep myself in some type of fitness routine. So, I went out to the store and brought whatever at-home fitness items I could find, which wasn't a lot, but I was a start. I found new fitness routines and programs to try through friends, Pinterest and YouTube and didn't give up. Not only did this keep up my healthy lifestyle, but also gave me an instant mood booster. Even if you don't have the right equipment or the space, go for a walk and get moving.

Find The 12 Best Airbnbs In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

My Mensa Dress has me ready 
for my Zoom Happy Hour.

Working on my creative outlet - Something I've been wanting to do lately is get back to blogging. When I was working, I hardly had time to think, let alone sit down and write anything. Life was hectic and I always was on the move. This downtime gave me the opportunity I needed to get back to remembering my creative space. I missed the blogger. It started out as a hobby for me, something to create and showcase as my own, but somehow I let it go and let other things consume my time. After being home all day, I taught myself to turn off, shut down, and create and imagine. I know the challenge will come when life speeds up again, but hopefully this is the training I need to learn how to manage my time wisely and to balance it all out later.

Essential shopping outfitted
in Sunny Slim Fit Trousers.

Learning a new language - Another thing I've always wanted to learn is another language. I did take Spanish in high school and I still remember some but I wanted to really expand on what I knew. So I download an app called Droplets and got to work. Currently, I'm at 440 words and I'm so proud of myself! The app is free to download, but if you want more practice time for each session, you can pay a one-time fee. There are also tons of other free language learning apps if this is something you're interested in. Not only will this help me at work but also when I get back to traveling again.

Reconnecting with friends and family. Time waits for no one before you know it, it's been months since you last seen your friends and loved ones. Catching up with your crew and checking in on your relatives is necessary during these tough times. In my circle, we've been going out for nature walks, Zoom calls, phone calls, and parking lot meetups to keep everyone spirits high and to check in on each other.

As we start a new month and new season, let's make sure we take care of each other and take care of ourselves. As always, thanks for reading and thanks for your support.

Shop Local: GreenMarket Purveying Company

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As I mentioned in a previous post, I've been burning through candles like crazy while on quarantine, so I was excited to collab with local Bucks County shop GreenMarket Purveying Company to highlight their brand and what they're doing to give back. GreenMarket Purveying Company consists of a group of artisans that specialize in designing and hand pouring soy candles and gifts. They also offer reed diffusers, matchboxes, personal care and much more. GreenMarket Purveying Company uses a clean soy wax blend, cotton wicks and premium high-end fragrances. Every process is done by hand and includes the makers signature on each candle.

The company was nice enough to send me a beautifully designed matchbox and two of their candles: Campari Chiffon - blood orange, sugar cane, and vanilla chiffon and Green Tea and White Rose- white florals, damask rose, citrus and tea leaves. Each 4 oz tin has a burn time of 15 to 20 hours, while their 10 oz has a burn time of 65-80 hours. All the items are packaged in colorful floral prints and would easily compliment anyone's decor. The site is easy to navigate allowing customers to shop by collection, fragrance, or product. Plus free shipping for orders over $25 which is the price of one of their 10 oz top selling candles.

Right now through the 31st of May, they will be donating 10% of their profits from websales to the nonprofit organization, Direct Relief. Direct Relief works to equip doctors and nurses in the US and internationally with life-saving medical resources to care for the world's most vulnerable people.

So no matter if you're looking for a candle to freshen up your space, if you need a gift idea for someone special, or bath and body care, shop local and support the GreenMarket Purveying Company.

Freebies for the Class of 2020

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We have had to make many adjustments in our lives lately and find new ways to celebrate wins, no matter how big or small. This year has definitely proved to be unique for the graduating class of 2020. Traditional graduation activities have been replaced by drive-by celebration, backyard ceremonies, and digital speeches but everyone from former President Barack Obama to athletes and entertainers.

Recently my friends at RetailMeNot.com shared a few fun ways some brands are giving back to recognize the class of 2020. Hopefully, you find these helpful in celebrating your graduates accomplishments. 

The first 5,000 customers to purchase a graduation-themed gift card from the chain between May 21 and June 30 will get a coupon code for a free entree (with the purchase of any entree).
In addition, students over 16 can enter the #chipotlesweepstakes on Instagram for the chance to win a $25K scholarship.

Edible Arrangements
Edible Arrangements is giving away Celebration Dipped Fruit Delight bouquets to 2,020 graduates who post a video on social media using the hashtag #EdibleMoments. Videos must include the graduate’s name and explain how they’re celebrating this year. Customers can also get 20% off select arrangements with code GRAD2020 at checkout.

Krispy Kreme
On May 19, seniors can get a free 2020 Graduate Dozen box by wearing their cap and gown or other Class of 2020 swag proving their senior status. The 1010 Graduate Dozen box includes an assortment of classic varieties like Chocolate Iced Kreme Filled and Strawberry Iced with Sprinkles, and will be available for purchase from May 18 to 24.

Jack in the Box
From May 20 through May 26, Class of 2020 grads can get two free tacos with any purchase made through Jack in the Box’s mobile app.

Ruth’s Chris Steak House
Through June 28, grads can get a free filet mignon steak (valued up to $50) from Ruth’s Chris with the purchase of two entrees.

3 Ways to Quickly Upgrade Your Room

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This post contains affiliate links, however the thoughts and expressions are my own.
Photo from Lucky Brand Pinterest

Is it just me or is time flying since we’ve been on quarantine? Ever since we’ve been on stay at home order here in New Jersey, I’ve been really into making my room my own personal getaway. Recently, I discovered that Lucky Brand offers an assortment of beautiful home decor from candles to bedding and by adding a few new touches to a familiar space, you can make it fresh and new. Here are a few items that caught my eye:

Lucky Brand Taos Matelasse Comforter Set In Natural, Size Queen

A quick change to your bedding can give you that 5-Star hotel feeling. The Taos Matelasse Comforter Set definitely caught my eye. It may seem a little pricey at $300 but think of it as an investment, rather than just another purchase. Designed after hand stitched quilts in Marseilles, France, the detailing will instantly upgrade your bedroom. It’s made of 100% cotton and looks extra cozy. Don’t forget to add pillows to throw in a few pops of color and you’re ready for a Netflix night in. 

I don’t know about you, but I have been obsessing over candles lately, I feel like I go through one a week. Instead of having them burn down to your table, adding wooden pillar holders can be a quick small change to add to the environment. Buy a few of the same style or mix it up with a few different heights. 

Keeping your area clutter free will undoubtedly give you peace of mind. If you’re constantly trying to keep things organized, one way you can try is by storing smaller items in pouches or make up bags like these. Say goodbye to endless searching and hello to more time. I use them to store pens, hair ties, Q-tips etc. to avoid just tossing them in a junk drawer. Ready to go on a trip, just throw them in the suitcase because they’re already packed for you. 

Forever 21 x Patrick Nagel Collection

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This post contains affiliate links, however the thoughts and expressions are my own.

Let’s just say, I’ve always had an obsession with graphic tees. From styles with quotes, characters from pop culture, band tees, the list goes on and on. For me, they convey a sense of fun personal style for everyone to see. I always love the reactions I get when I wear an interesting graphic and someone compliments it, giving me the feeling as if we have our own secret fan club. 

Even though at one time I thought wearing a graphic tee looked a little juvenile, it’s really all about how you style them. When it comes to making your graphic tee stand out, try to think outside the box by layering it with the unexpected. If you’re thinking about trying a different look, Forever 21 just launched a collection featuring artwork from Patrick Nagel, an American artist popular for his Art Deco designs.
I love that the collection has different silhouettes and styles to choose from all under $20. The designs are sophisticated and can easily be worn to grab some essentials or a visit to an art gallery, once they open back up. The collection is also available for guys and in plus sizes, including a few online exclusives available on Forever21.com. Looking for some style inspiration? Check out the looks I created below.

Dress it up by layering the Patrick Nagel graphic under a Satin Cami dress and accessorize with ankle platforms and hoop earrings.

If you're into a sporty look, pair your Patrick Nagel graphic with super comfortable biker shorts and a windbreaker. Don't forget to store your favorite gloss in this translucent fanny pack.

Keep your look simple and easy going with this Patrick Nagel cropped raw edge graphic tee, breezy wide leg pants and a faux pearl headband. The high-waisted pant paired with a boxy cut tee is flattering on any body type.

Mix things up and layer this Patrick Nagel long sleeve graphic over a figure skimming bodycon dress. By adding transparent accessories like lucite block heels and crystal clear sunnies, your outfit can do all the talking.

Let's play up the art theme and throw on some grid print skinny pants and add an open front Blazer. Tuck in the Patrick Nagel graphic, toss the satchel over your shoulder and you're good to go.

Bring out a pop of color, in this case the yellow in the Patrick Nagel graphic, by adding on a fun and flirty floral skater skirt. After sunset, keep warm with an oversized boyfriend denim jacket while staying hands-free in this faux leather backpack.

Style Recall

by Fashion of Philly, 6:08 PM

Do you associate clothes with trips or special occasions? I know I do. Recently, my sisters and I were sharing some past photos (on Zoom, of course) and for some, one thing I can remember was the exact outfit either I or someone in the picture wore that day. Like my mom’s 80’s style red and purple strapless dress with the scalloped neckline that she wore for my parent’s anniversary dinner. Or my black and white checkered cold-shoulder top with hot pink sequins on the strap that I wore in a backyard barbecue when I was a kid. These were fun, happy moments that I’ll never forget. Some of us don’t think about clothes that deeply, but regardless of if we want to admit it or not, what we wear has a unique way of triggering some unique memories. This may be why some of us buy clothes and hang on to them until the right day or event comes up to proudly show them off.

After going through photos on my phone, I found a few that reminded me of much better times before the whole COVID-19 epidemic. Here are just a few:

Snake Print Long Sleeve Crop Jumper
Black Basic Cycling Shorts

#1 Back when staying in was an option.

I’m not the type that likes to stay in the house, but even when I did I like to look halfway decent. Now chill, comfy looks are as necessary as a pair of jeans, which I honestly miss wearing. In the meantime wearing a cute, crop snakeskin print sweater and my favorite biker shorts leggings are thankfully still in style. This sweater is heavy enough to keep you cozy, but perfect for when you don’t want to wear something big and baggy and these biker short leggings, I could practically live it. I also like to pair the leggings with an oversized sweatshirt or tee and denim jacket for essential trips to Target.

Snake Print Square Neck Strappy Midi Dress

#2 Causal/cool dinner in Los Angeles 

My visit to California last summer was definitely one of my favorite trips. Los Angeles is one of my favorite cities because there’s so much to see and do, it’s impossible to check everything off in one trip. I’ve been a few times before and each trip has been different from the next. My favorite things to do are hit up a few local spots to eat, party in Beverly Hills, and shop on Rodeo. One day we decided to enjoy dinner at Nobu Los Angeles. Since Nobu is a local hotspot, and yes there’s paparazzi at the door, I wore this snakeskin pattern midi dress with a pair of white and silver heels. It was stylish but comfortable and didn’t make me feel like I was trying too hard. This dress has become one of my favorites because I can dress it up by adding heels and/or a blazer or tone it down with a full leather jacket and some classic vans.

Lime Bandeau Split Leg Ruched Maxi Dress

#3 Showstopper 

This last look is a look to remember. Before all the shutdowns, I went on a cruise to Key West and Cozumel. What I love about cruises is having the opportunity to get dressed up for every occasion. I think I changed clothes at least three times per day. There was a casual morning/breakfast look, the afternoon at the pool look, dressing up for dinner, and then something to wear to the club. Most cruises have one dinner that requires formal formal wear, which brings us to look number three. This strapless chartreuse asymmetrical dress was one of my favorite looks on the trip, even if I only work for a few hours. Wearing something asymmetrical is great because it gives you the movement of a grown without all the layers. This dress also has rauching on the back and on the sides to hug your curves in the right places.

Even though we all are stuck inside, I can’t wait to get out there and make some new memories. All the looks featured above are from Femme Luxe, an online clothing store that has tons of different styles to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a chill vibes or full on glam mode.If you’re staying at home, choose this time to figure out your personal style, refresh your closet and find some new threads. Visit Femmeluxefinery.com to check out their newest styles today.

Wine Dive Bar Opens in Philly

by Fashion of Philly, 12:37 PM
Photo Cred: Society Hill Films
You ever stepped into a place for the first time and instantly know it’s going to be your new favorite spot? That’s the feeling I had when I walked into the media night at Wine Dive ( 1506 South Street). The atmosphere was jumping with music playing your faves, the decor was unexpected ( make sure you check out the bathroom), the staff was great and the wine/drinks were flowing.
The Wine Dive is a wine bottle shop in a full-service bar, offering everything from amazing wine selections to beer and one-of-a-kind cocktails. They even have some tasty snack options on the menu. Brought to you by Heather Anne-Chiarico and Chris Fetfatzes, the same culinary couple to bring you Quick Sip, Hawthorne‘s Beer Café, Tio Florez, and the new Cambridge (located next door), Wine Dive is the first ever dive with wine as a key player.
During their media night event, I tried two of their cocktails: The Red Queen (Red Wine, Averna, Old Granddad, Lemon and Herbs) and the Pony Up (Miller High Life Pony and a Lofi Gentian Amaro Shot). The Red Queen was definitely a crowd favorite. It’s perfect for anyone who is not a red wine drinker and likes a little bit of whiskey. The Pony Up was like a reverse shot with a chaser. The Lofi Gentian Amaro Shot was sweet, but the Miller High Life creates a palate cleansing balance.
Let’s talk about the snacks! The Raclette Grilled Cheese was so satisfying, made with sourdough and bread and butter pickles, something I never thought about adding to my grilled cheese before, but it is amazing! 
When was the last time you went to a dive bar and had caviar? I can’t think of one. But Wine Dive has homemade potato chips topped with sour cream and salmon caviar! Again such an unexpected combo to find at a bar! It reminded me of something you would eat in secret at home because caviar and potato chips seems not right, but taste so good.

The Crab Rangoon‘s were probably my top snack of the night with cream cheese, lump crab and sweet chili sauce, I just couldn’t get enough. Every ingredient just right to satisfy your taste buds.

Throughout the night, I kept hearing people say that it felt like we were in New York, but to me this place couldn’t be more Philly. I feel like it is definitely going to be a Philly favorite for years to come giving visitors a unique look of how Philadelphia does a wine bar.
Special thanks to Aversa PR for inviting me to the event!