Fashion Week frenzy kicked off with NYFW Mens and since we were invited to cover quite a few shows, I decided to create a segment called #MenswearMonday to share some of the upcoming styles and newest designers breaking in to the Menswear industry. I hope you enjoy this as much as I do. I've always thought the change in men's fashion over the years has been very interesting and more and more men have taken a greater interest into what they wear, how they style their looks and even grooming techniques.

First up in our #MenswearMonday segment is the SuitSupply Fall/Winter 2018 Collection. Locally SuitSupply has two locations in the Philadelphia area, 1601 Locust Street and in the King of Prussia Mall. They are a European men's fashion brand known for their expert tailoring, attention to detail, and their use of fine Italian fabrics.

Socks for Society

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Guy or Girl, we all need socks. They're constantly getting sucked up by the dryer monster leaving you always on the hunt for a new pair. So you might as well get a pair that does some good. Society Socks are fashionable socks with amazing quality that have a good side.

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