Wine Dive Bar Opens in Philly

by Fashion of Philly, 12:37 PM
Photo Cred: Society Hill Films
You ever stepped into a place for the first time and instantly know it’s going to be your new favorite spot? That’s the feeling I had when I walked into the media night at Wine Dive ( 1506 South Street). The atmosphere was jumping with music playing your faves, the decor was unexpected ( make sure you check out the bathroom), the staff was great and the wine/drinks were flowing.
The Wine Dive is a wine bottle shop in a full-service bar, offering everything from amazing wine selections to beer and one-of-a-kind cocktails. They even have some tasty snack options on the menu. Brought to you by Heather Anne-Chiarico and Chris Fetfatzes, the same culinary couple to bring you Quick Sip, Hawthorne‘s Beer CafĂ©, Tio Florez, and the new Cambridge (located next door), Wine Dive is the first ever dive with wine as a key player.
During their media night event, I tried two of their cocktails: The Red Queen (Red Wine, Averna, Old Granddad, Lemon and Herbs) and the Pony Up (Miller High Life Pony and a Lofi Gentian Amaro Shot). The Red Queen was definitely a crowd favorite. It’s perfect for anyone who is not a red wine drinker and likes a little bit of whiskey. The Pony Up was like a reverse shot with a chaser. The Lofi Gentian Amaro Shot was sweet, but the Miller High Life creates a palate cleansing balance.
Let’s talk about the snacks! The Raclette Grilled Cheese was so satisfying, made with sourdough and bread and butter pickles, something I never thought about adding to my grilled cheese before, but it is amazing!
When was the last time you went to a dive bar and had caviar? I can’t think of one. But Wine Dive has homemade potato chips topped with sour cream and salmon caviar! Again such an unexpected combo to find at a bar! It reminded me of something you would eat in secret at home because caviar and potato chips seems not right, but taste so good.

The Crab Rangoon‘s were probably my top snack of the night with cream cheese, lump crab and sweet chili sauce, I just couldn’t get enough. Every ingredient just right to satisfy your taste buds.

Throughout the night, I kept hearing people say that it felt like we were in New York, but to me this place couldn’t be more Philly. I feel like it is definitely going to be a Philly favorite for years to come giving visitors a unique look of how Philadelphia does a wine bar.
Special thanks to Aversa PR for inviting me to the event!