...Like Ruby Sparks

by Brittiny Stewart, 10:08 PM
...Like Ruby Sparks

...Like Ruby Sparks by brittinyfromfashionofphilly featuring a pattern dress

Let me introduce you to Ruby Sparks, a somewhat fictional character created by the mind of a young novelist named Calvin. After struggling with his writing and romantic life, Calvin creates Ruby to inspire him, but she actually comes to life. I in turn took his inspiration and her cute and quirky style and created this style collage on polyvore.com. Now it's your turn to be inspired! Create a look for the character Ruby Sparks for a chance to join me at a special screening in Philly on July 30th! Be sure to leave a comment with your name, email and the link to your collage below to show your work. Have fun and be creative!

Thanks Jaqui for submitting this collage!

Thanks to Natalia for this collage as well!

Gettin Shady

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Whether you call them shades or sunnies, sunglasses are one of my favorite accessories for summer. Recently, I discovered 80's Purple, a premier online fashion boutique based out of sunny Huntington Beach, CA. They carry a wide variety of glasses from top designers and even their own private label, 80's Collection. With over 100 styles starting at only $12, it was difficult to choose, but I finally chose 2: the Snake Flat Top Sunglasses in clear/smoke and the Abbey Lee Cateye Sunglasses in tortoise. I wanted to make sure I got one classic style and something a little more edgy. Right now, 80's Purple is having having a promotion on their 80's Collection glasses, buy 2 and receive free shipping with code: eyesonus. So take it one page at a time and grab 2 pairs today!

5 Things to Try at the Mall

by Brittiny Stewart, 12:46 PM
To escape the summer heat, here's 5 things I encourage you to try at the mall:

     1.Look Cute - I know it's only a trip to the mall, but first impressions mean a lot. First of all, you never know who you may run into. A special encounter may lead to a job, an invite to something, or some other great opportunity. It may also lead to better service. I hate to say it, but if you look the part, more people may notice you.
The perfect mall outfit!

Madewell retro style dress / Kitten high heels / J.Crew vintage handbag / A|X Armani Exchange knot jewelry / Anchor jewelry / Eugenia Kim hat, $210

     2.Go In Stores You Wouldn't Normally Go In - It doesn't hurt to take a look around unfamiliar territory. You never know what treasures you might find in some stores or what services they may offer. Just because you don't think you can afford anything in the store, doesn't mean you can't go in.

     3.Try Things On - Let's face it, we all don't live on a Louboutain a week budget, but that doesn't mean we can't act like it. There's no charge for trying things on no matter the price, so have fun and expreience something new. Do you have a favorite brand, whose things you admire? Check out their newest collection and try on your favs. Recently, I went to Neiman Marcus and tried on this pair of Christain Louboutin Neoprene Booties. You may not be able to afford them right now, but it doesn't hurt to know what size you'll need when you can. (They fit amazing, BTW!)

     4.Get Free Samples - If you go by any beauty counter or cosmetics store, they are always ready to hand out free samples to attract future customers. If you find something you like, ask for a free sample. Now granted they may not have everything available in a sample, but why not ask. You may leave with tons of stuff without spending a dime.

     5. Ask About SpecialsBefore you go in the stores, make sure you check out mall customer service. Most of the time retailers, will drop off coupons to promote sales in their stores. Many stores have specials going on, especially during holiday seasons so talk to the manager or other employees to get the scoop.