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Tribal Bliss

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What better way to top off a great collection then with a great ad campaign. Contrast to the minimalist look of this year's Spring Collection, Proenza Schouler goes tribal. Photographer Willy Vanderperce captured Polish rising model Zuzanna Bijoch in a play on patterns similar to beautiful hand-loomed Navajo blankets. Makes me want to take a trip back to Arizona.

HOUSE of RAOOF Fashion Show Recap

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Here's some footage of the HOUSE of RAOOF Fashion Show that took place this past Sunday during the Charlie Mack Celebrity Weekend. The HOUSE of RAOOF offers one of a kind & limited edition reconstructed outwear and accessories made from vintage garments and textiles from around the world. The end products are unique tailored pieces for the sophisticated stylish man. Check out their site HOUSEof or follow them on twitter: @HOUSEofRAOOF.

American Apparel x Ebay

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I'm not sure how I feel about this. According to American Apparel's figures store sales are struggling, but their internet sales are up and recently the company decided to join forces with Ebay to help increase sales. AA will have a link on Ebay's home page to direct shoppers to a separate e-commerce page for AA but just sell through Ebay...make sense? I think not because people who shop Ebay are mostly looking for bargains. I'm not sure if many ebay users are going to want to pay $24 for a basic white tee plus shipping and handling. I wouldn't buy something on ebay that I'm paying basically full price for. I might as well go to the store and avoid paying the shipping & handling cost and waiting for like a week to receive it. What are your thoughts? Do you think AA collaborating with Ebay is a good thing or doesn't make sense?


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Floral print shirt
£20 -

J Brand red short shorts
$205 -

Kenneth Jay Lane red jewelry
€89 -

Thanks Teen Vogue!

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Even though I'm not a teenager anymore, I still love Teen Vogue. I usually check out the site to browse thru their D.I.Y., Fashion Click, and Win It section and Guess What? I WON! Nothing crazy fabo, but two cool watches from Rumba Watches which retail for $20 a piece. The watches are pretty cool because they are comfortable, colorful and water resistant which I got a chance to test out at Virginia Beach this weekend. They are also fun to wear alone or stacked with other bracelets too. The site has other yummy gummy styles in every color so check it out.

Reservation Required!

Lighten Up

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I decided to change some things up around here. Mostly just the background, which is actually a picture I took of the Ben Franklin Bridge with a little PhotoShop editing. I was starting to feel that the black city line background was a little dark for the summertime, even though summer is half way thru. (sniffle) I would love to know what you think!

My New Obsession

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After my recent trip to Nordstorm's, I've be obsessing over Jeffery Campbell's Fall/Winter Collection and today they released their Part 2 of the Fall/Winter Lookbook - Downtown Girls! I was soooo excited and wanted to share it with you. I've also posted pics from Part 1 - Uptown Girl, if ya missed it. I love the K2 platform wedge booties! What's your fav?

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To make room for all the new styles coming in for the cooler Autumn months, Bus Stop Boutique is having their Annual Warehouse Sale duringSunday, July 17 & Monday, July 18 11am-6pm!
Come & pick up the best bargains, prices starting as low as $25 for cute designer flats & sexy heels. The sale is on for two days only - this Sunday & Monday!
The sale is taking place up the street from BUS STOP - 727 South 4th Street. Bring a friend along & share the love. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund.

Stylist of the Month - June

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Tell us a little about yourself.
Well, my name is Soraya Samuels. I love fashion it’s definitely a big part of my life and the industry I’m aspiring to work and leave my footprint in. Right now I’m just working for myself as a freelance stylist and of course fashion blogging. But one day I would love to get into creative directing or maybe become a fashion editor. But even more than fashion, I am enamored by personal style. I think how someone expresses him or herself through choice of dress is far more intriguing to me than any designer handbag.
Describe your personal style.
Honesty if I had to put my style into words it would be schizophrenic. I really don’t stick to any one type of “style” it’s just constantly changing and evolving. How I dress really is just a reflection of my mood and how I feel at the time. I’m definitely more into casual wear though. I’m not much or a dressy, girly girl, never have been. If I wear a more feminine piece like a dress or floral blazer, I always add my own flare and pair it with a pair of combat boots or spiked cuff. I like a bit of edge. I also like to be a bit androgynous and own quite a bit of menswear pieces. Cause what’s sexier than a girl in her boyfriend’s tees, right?
Where do you find your inspiration?
I find inspiration in almost everything. I love being inspired by characters whether it is in films or novels. I also love just spending an entire day exploring the city and people watching. My surroundings really get my creative juices flowing.

Where are your top 3 places to shop?
I absolutely love thrift shopping it’s definitely one of my favorite pastimes. One man’s trash is definitely my treasure. I also have gotten really into online shopping the past couple of years. I love everything from Etsy to Nasty Gal. I do shop at some retail stores as well for basics like H&M, Zara, and Forever 21.
What do you splurge on?
You know, I’m really not into splurging too much. I sort of a pride myself in being great at seeking out bargains. I think a lot of people confuse having great style with the amount of zeros on a price tag which is completely false. But I think my one weakness would have to be shoes. Even with a closet full I always feel I need another pair. I blame Jeffrey Campbell. He is seriously a shoe god and I want to own every pair of his beautiful creations!!
Do you collect anything special?
I’m really into collecting beautiful vintage jewelry and purses. It’s funny because a lot of the really valuable vintage items I own I’m too afraid to actually wear. So I kind of just admire their beauty.

Are you working on any future projects?
Yes! I have quite a few projects I’m working on. I have my first blog, Finger In The Socket Fashion that I started with my best friend about 3 years ago. It’s basically a fashion diary of sorts and I’m really proud of what we’ve created together and how much it’s grown. Then I have my personal style blog, The Cray Cray that is a bit more fun and unfiltered. It’s my silly voice on fashion, trends, and media. My newest and most exciting project is a vintage e-shop a friend and myself have in the works! I’m so excited to share that with everyone because we’ve been talking about doing it for over a year now. So that should be launching this summer and I will definitely announce the progress of that on both blogs.

What is your favorite song of the moment?
For the moment I’d say “Rose Garden” by Shad. It’s such a great feel good/summer tune.
Where would you love to be your next travel destination?
I’ve just been dying to visit London! I just love everything about the people, the culture, and style. It’s all so dope to me.

If you love Soraya's style make sure to check out her blogs The Cray Cray and Finger in the Socket
Also follow her on Twitter @SorayaSamuels

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If you would like to be featured as a "Stylist of the Month" email Subject: Stylist. I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

Interview with Secret SatisFASHION

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Recently, I met up with Stephanie, the CEO of an upcoming fashion coordinating company, The Secret Society of Glam. It was so nice to meet her and share our passion for the fashion industry. She's a very motivated and inspirtional young lady that is making a name for herself in the fashion industry. Check out her company Secret Society of Glam and the interview on the company's blog Secret SatisFASHION!

Secret SatisFASHION

Secret Society of Glam

My Visit to PNK Elephant

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After shooting the I-Spy photo shoot I stopped by the newly opened PNK Elephant store. I felt like a Kid in a Candy Store. The brightly colored store is filled with funky accessories at very reasonable prices. One of the founders, Blair Sondlain, was there and was very helpful and friendly contributing to the fun vibe of the store. I did pick up a pair of spike-y earrings that I'm sure will end up in a style shoot later. Also stay tuned next week for details on a Trunk Show by Designer Marco Hall at PNK Elephant.

PNK Elephant is located on 504 South St. Check out the post about the PNK Elephant Grand Opening.


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The Clothes
Rompers are not only cute but really effortless fashion. I love this one I brought from Armani Exchange a couple years ago. It's lightweight to keep you cool in the summer and can be easily dressed up or down. The shoes are a copy of the Balenciaga's pictured in my Inspiration post below. I fell in love with the originals, but unfortunately my pockets aren't that deep so I settled with this version I found at Mandee's for about $12. Works For Me!

Styling: Brittiny Stewart
Photography: Shariff Adams
Location: South Street

The Location
After reviewing the pictures of the location, I noticed a theme, The Art and Beauty of Trash. For this shoot we went to the Magic Gardens on South St. and took pictures of some of the beautiful mosaic tile work. If you never seen this attraction before it is absolutely amazing. Not only is it put together with broken glass and tile pieces but tons of other junk items like old bicycle parts, flatware, and even a toilet. It's almost like a huge i-spy puzzle without the list.
Speaking of finding things, I found these interesting solar trash compactors that are pretty high tech because not only do they cut down on trash collecting by 75%, but they even spend out a wireless notification to let the city know when it's full. During the Spring of 2011sty, 50 of the solar compactors along South St. were redesigned by local artist and students from several Philadelphia schools.

I've been wanting to create more personal style shoots to post on Fashion of Philly since that's one thing I felt my blog has been missing. I gathered some inspirational photos, some mine and some from various fashion sites and blogs to give you a feel of what's expected. My photographer and I went to the Philadelphia Magic Gardens on 1020 South St, which I thought would be a cool spot for a quick photo shoot. The weather was hot and the pics are cool so stay tuned until next week to check 'em out!
From Left to Right, Starting at the Top
Tribal Bangles -, Street Photo -, Street Photo -, Photo of Sticker - Fashion of Philly, Philadelphia Magic Garden - Fashion of Philly, Balenciaga Shoes -,  Philadelphia Magic Garden - Fashion of Philly, Kaws Painting -, Black Romper-

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Abstract Thought 3 Year Anniversary

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The good fellas at Abstract Thought are celebrating their Third Year Anniversary and the Birthday of Aaron & Bill of the Thought Crew, this Saturday, July 9th. Come Out and Experience the Doooooopeness! Also check out some of their newest tees from the Summer Collection!

Two of their Newest Tees from their Summer Collection