Fashion of Philly: American Apparel x Ebay

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

American Apparel x Ebay

I'm not sure how I feel about this. According to American Apparel's figures store sales are struggling, but their internet sales are up and recently the company decided to join forces with Ebay to help increase sales. AA will have a link on Ebay's home page to direct shoppers to a separate e-commerce page for AA but just sell through Ebay...make sense? I think not because people who shop Ebay are mostly looking for bargains. I'm not sure if many ebay users are going to want to pay $24 for a basic white tee plus shipping and handling. I wouldn't buy something on ebay that I'm paying basically full price for. I might as well go to the store and avoid paying the shipping & handling cost and waiting for like a week to receive it. What are your thoughts? Do you think AA collaborating with Ebay is a good thing or doesn't make sense?

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