If you're anything like me, there's just nothing like writing your goals, thoughts, and ideas down on old fashion pen and paper. Last month, I picked up this lovely marble planner from Urban Outfitters (pictured above).

Here's what I loved about this one: 
  • The marble cover is classic (You'll definitely want to check out the other patterns here.)
  • It's more of a paperback, so it can easily fit into any purse
  • Not super big, roughly 8.5" x 6"
  • Allows you to write in the date
  • Includes different areas for your to do list and next day plans
  • Has a time table
  • Extra space for jointing down objectives each day

Since there's so many great planners to close from I fine-tuned it down to 10 of my second favs. I'll leave it to you to choose the best one. 

Discover your world wide family

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This post was made possible by MyHeritage.com!

It's now the time of year when families love to get together. You may find yourself either sharing your favorite funny stories, welcoming loved ones, or discovering long lost relatives. The latter is something my family and I started doing once my father got his DNA results back from MyHeritage.com/DNA. The My Heritage DNA at home kit is an easy cheek swab DNA test that reveals detailed ethnic origins. They have already helped millions of people find new additions to their family tree and discover their background.