What woman hasn't felt the pressure to be thinner? It's hard to even imagine widespread representation of real women's bodies in the mainstream media and fashion industry when we're surrounded by images of unrealistic (sometimes even emaciated) bodies.

Enter two best friends, two filmmakers and one former plus-size model who are all trying to change that.Filmmakers Emily Sheskin and Veena Rao documented the journeys of Allison Kophach and Jenny Flores, two best friends who are determined to become beauty queens at size 22, in “There She Is” -– a 20 minute documentary that you can watch above.
The release of this documentary also coincides with the fifth annual “Full Figured Fashion Week,” a New York City-based event produced by former plus size model Gwendolyn DeVoe. Although the event is about embracing women of all sizes, it also focuses on the business of plus-sized fashion (which is, after all, a $17 billion industry in the U.S.).

The release of “There She Is” as well as Full Figured Fashion Week give us hope that we’re getting closer to a point when more women see bodies like theirs represented on the screen, in the fashion industry and beyond.

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