Recently, Duluth Trading Company named Philly the sixth flannel city in America. (Find out what other cities made the cut here.) At first I wasn't sure how they could come up with such a figure, but then I thought about the industrial background this city actually has. These building didn't just get here by themselves you know. Even my Dad's work attire contains numerous flannel shirts he's collected from before his retirement from Amtrak. The Duluth Trading Company has been supplying men and women with practical clothing perfect for working outdoors and chopping down trees. On the other hand, for those of us who aren't woodsmen (or woodswomen), thankfully there's the grunge trend. Flannel shirts wrapped around the waist or draped loosely over matching floral print dresses gives everyone a chance to bring out their inner lumberjack. Is this a wrong representation for the flannel shirt? Some may feel that way, but I just say it's the glammed up version of an old favorite.

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