This past year was a great one for Fashion of Philly and it's all because of you guys! Thanks for your support, comments, and sharing! Every year since 2010, we grow bigger and better so I can't wait to see what 2013 has in store!

Here's a recap of what you made the Top 5 Posts of 2012:

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  2. Free People Home Coming on January 27, 2012 with 760 Hits!
  3. H & M Grand Opening at King of Prussia Mall on September 6, 2012 with 478 Hits!
  4. TopShop/TopMan Now at Nordstrom on September 9, 2012 with 458 Hits!
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I must apologize for the lack of post. This past month has been a little crazy for me! I started a new job at a new store that opened in a new location or in other words I'm the Co-Manager at the new Body Central in the Moorestown Mall! Body Central is a shop offering cute, trendy, sophisticated, fun clothes and accessories at very affordable prices. (If you haven't shopped Body Central, check out their site at Work has been fun and fashionable, but I definitely miss blogging. Now that the crazy holiday season is behind us and things are settling down at work, I shall be posting much more! One thing I have been doing a lot more is posting my looks of the day on Pickn'Tell! One of my favorite things about working in retail is that I get to have fun with different styles and trends. Pickn'Tell is an app that allows you to share your looks with your friends via social media. This free app can be downloaded from the Apple store or Google Play. Make sure to follow me under the username Brittiny Stewart and I promise to follow you back!

Quick Dry Nail Tip

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If you've been following Fashion of Philly on Instagram you'll notice I've been painting my nails a different color every week. This week I chose this awesome color called All Hail The Queen by Butter London. It's a cool mix of brown with hints of grey that reminds me of cinnamon and sugar. For me, the worst part about painting my nails is the drying. I'm so impatient and usually end up with some type of dent or something. Then my niece gave me a great tip! Spray cooking oil on your nails after you're done, then wait about minute or two and dip them in cold ice water for about another minute, (Yes, it's cold, but I'm sure you can handle it.) and you're good! Just remind to pat dry and not rub to let the polish set better. Try it for yourself and let me know how it works for you!

Scrabble Cluster Neclace $105
Lenora Dame is a Philadelphia based jewelry designer known world wide for her talent of combining authentic materials such as wood, glass, and other textiles to name a few and create unique, one of a kind pieces. Paying keen attention to details, Dame's collections are contemporary, but driven from past inspirations and arranged in three collections: Romantic, Bohemian, and Retro. Each style is carefully handmade in her Chester County studio in Pennsylvania  Her designs have been featured in well known magazines such as Lucky, Seventeen, and InStyle and sold in stores such as Anthropologie, Nordstrom, and local boutiques in the Philadelphia area. To find out more about Lenora Dame and view more of the collections, check out

Show Off Satin Cuff $80

Check out our footage from the H&M Grand Opening at King of Prussia Mall! Our videographer did a awesome job capturing the excitement, fun, and fashion of the event! It seems like my son Darius had a great time too! Enjoy!

Recently, I read a great book by Eco-friendly Beauty Expert Sherrell Dorsey entitled Eco-Glamorous. I enjoy the read so much, I decided to follow up with an interview with the author herself. Check out what's in her make-up bag and how you can have a more organic beauty routine! Enjoy!

Fashion of PhillyHow long have you been in the beauty industry and how long have you been interested in organic beauty?

Sherrell Dorsey: I got my start in the beauty industry about 6 years ago when I began an internship at beauty brand AHAVA North America. Since then I've worked in beauty public relations and began my career in organic beauty when I went to work for a skin care line start up back in 2009 that was focused on natural and organic ingredients. 

FoP: What inspired you to write Eco-Glamorous?

S.D.: Eco-glamorous was a natural transition for me and allowed me to condense the wealth of information from my blog into a an easy-to-read ebook. I wanted everyone who was familiar and not so familiar with Organic Beauty Vixen to be able to learn the basics about toxic cosmetics, ingredients to avoid and safe brands to find. 

FoPWhat products are always in your make-up bag?

S.D.: That's easy! There are three things that I refuse to lose. That's my 100% pure mascara, my LAMIK powder foundation and my Tarte cosmetics smooth applicator concealer. 

FoPDo you have any special projects you're currently working on?

S.D: I have a few things in the works for 2013 but everyone will have to stay tuned. Let's just say I do a lot less sleeping these days...

FoPWhat are some of your favorite beauty looks for the season?

S.D: I'm really into up do's and protective styles this season. My hair is color treated and already very naturally dry so keeping it hydrated and tucked away during harsh weather is ideal. Check out my favorite look here!

FoP: Do you have any Eco-beauty icons?

Summer Rayne Oaks
Solange Knowles
S.D: I go ga-ga for Summer Rayne Oaks style. She's an eco-model and true to the game eco-beauty lover. I also love Solange Knowles who has natural hair. Her style is absolutely breath-taking and inspiring. 

FoP: What advice would you give someone looking to transition into the Eco-Glamorous lifestyle?

S.D.: Start small! Switching over your routine doesn't have to happen all at once. Learn something new and apply it. Try swapping out your traditional mascara for a mercury-free option. 

Also, a great way to transition is to begin shopping at stores that offer more eco-friendly and sustainable options. Trader Joe's, Whole Foods,, and many other natural based stores in your area make shopping for essentials quite simple and accessible. 

FoP: What are all your social media links?

S.D. : You can chat with me on twitter at, Instagram and facebook

FoP: How can people purchase your book?

S.D.: You can get my book on Kindle or download it simply by purchasing on Amazon: