Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Another Snowstorm?!?!

Winter seems to be at it's highest peak right now and with these storms coming back to back, it maybe time to re-up on some more winter accessories. It seemed like we went so long without worrying about snow, that we forgot what winter in the northeast was supposed to be like. Some areas even running out of shovels. As of recently, it's not just the northeast that's getting hit hard. Texas and other southern states have been getting plummeted with several inches of snowfall with no idea on how to handle it. 

I know this year, I'm a little more prepared to brave the freezing temps. My down coat from Jack1t (read why you should buy one here) definitely keeps my body very warm even in short sleeves, while my pom pom hat and infinity scarf from Heat Holders completes the look. My go to everyday footwear consist Uggs for the most part, but when the ground is slippery and gross, I grab my L.L. Bean Bean Boots.

So if you're running into a runt on how to stay warm for the next month or so, especially since the stores are starting to push spring stuff already, you can find a few options from some of my favorites brands below. Stay Warm Everyone!


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