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Paula Hian Groupon Event

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Paula Hian is having a Groupon event and today is the last day Correction, The deal has been extended through Sunday at midnight!!! For $99 you'll recieve a $225 gift certificate. Click here for more information on the Groupon and click here to check out my previous post for more information on Designer Paula Hian.

Parting Ways

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Looks from L'Wren Show
 In January's Elle magazine, under the 21 Days of Trendy Hairstyles feature, day 3 shows Elle's fashion assistant Kristen Shirley experimenting with a look seen at a L'Wren Scott fashion show where hairstylist, Odile Gilbert, applied matching eye shadow to the model's parts. Elle's tools of recommendation: Make Up For Ever Star Powder available at Sephora in a rainbow of colors for only $19 or you could try L'Wren Scott Color Collection for Lancome which will run you about $42 from Lancome. I'm not sure how I feel about this yet, but maybe I'll try it and post a pic just for you guys!

Elle's Fashion Assistant, Kristen Shirley

Make Up For Ever Star Power

L'Wren Scott for Lancome

A Hidden Treasure in Manayunk

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Who would've thought that nestled on 106 Gay Street in Manayunk, is the showroom of world-renowned designer Paula Hian. Her look is edgy, yet distinctively sophisticated and has been seen on beauties such as Jennifer Aniston, Carrie Underwood, Taylor Momsen and Brooke Shields. Her love of fashion began at age 5, when she started sketching, cutting and sewing her own collections. After graduating from FIT, she was selected to travel to Paris, where she represented the USA in the "Concours International des Jeunes Créateurs de Mode" competition and won first place. If you're ever in Paris, check out the prize winning dress which has become a permanent collection at the Louvre. Hian's designs epitomize contemporary elegance and possess a subtle originality which conquered New York and is now seducing Paris. Paula Hian's collection is sold in Manayunk as well as boutiques and speciality stores worldwide.

A look from the Spring 2011 Collection

A look from the Spring 2011 Collection

Recently I got to visit the showroom and even help out with a couple of projects. It's been an awesome experience to get to work with the designer and team first hand and be a part of what goes on in the showroom and especially with it being so close to home. I even got a peek of the new Spring 2011 Collection and got to try on a few pieces that I loved. Each piece is manufactured in Paris with impeccable quality. This white knit blazer with huge decorative safety pins on the lapels (also available in black) was my favorite. I could see that being a staple jacket for anyone's spring wardrobe.

I LOVE this jacket!!

This print makes me ready for spring!
The company has many events coming up in the future so be sure to follow me on or even on here for the lastest!

Disney's Tron Legacy Now Playing
 This weekend I went to the movies to see Disney's Tron Legacy, which I thought was a pretty good movie. Not only did it have a great story line, but I was also very impressed by the costume design. A Sci-Fi, motorcycling, skin tight collection of jumpsuits, long swing coats, and separates with lit up stripes and darts in white or other flashy neon colors. (And yes, they were actually lit using battery power.) Tron's costume designer, Michael Wilkinson and his team, drew inspiration from movies like Blade Runner and Resident Evil and took very deep consideration of the functionality and purpose of the suits. My favorite fashion scene is when Sam Flynn, played by Garrett Hedlund, enters the grid for the first time and is approached by the Sirens, decked out in all white body suits, platform cutout heels, and perfect make-up. And for those who watched America's Next Top Model cycle 3, finalist Yaya DeCosta, struts her stuff in a short role of a Siren.

This movie has already impacted the fashion world, of course, with many designers grabbing inspiration from the futuristic world of The Grid. Versace, Opening Ceremony, Addias, and jewelry designer Tom Tom, just to name a few, have pieces that reflect the geometric styles of Tron. There was even a Tron Pop-Up Shop that opened in L.A. this past November, that sold limited edition and exclusive Tron merchandise. The movie had super special effects and looks great in 3-D for the nerds that are into that stuff, but for us fashion lovers, I would also rate this movie two thumbs up!

A Thank You Letter to the Readers

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Dear Readers:

Today is the one month anniversary of Fashion of Philly and I couldn't be more happier. Just thinking of how much I've accomplished in a month is awesome and what a busy month its been. Between attending events to visiting designer showrooms, it's much more than I excepted so soon, but I'm loving every moment of it and it's only the beginning. I have much more planned for the future and I can't wait to share my ideas with you. I want to thank everyone that supports, follows, or just stumbled on my blog. I also want to say a big thank you to those who took the time to comment on my posts because I love the feedback. I would also like to thank my Grandmother "Grand" in this post because this past week my family and I have been spending precious time with her making sure she's at peace. I believe that she instilled in me my love of fashion, as I remember her sewing beautiful dresses and gowns as a child. On an ending note, as you know, this time of year people focus on spending time with friends and family but let's not limit ourselves. I encourage everyone to try to spend time with those we have, while we have them. I wish you all the best and thanks, thanks, thanks, again!

Picture Taken from Heyne Bogut Facebook Page

Joan Shepp will be having a designer event Dec. 15th from 12-6pm. This time there will be local designers, Paul Heyne and Karen Bogut. Their love of art and fashion is shown through their creative prints, all handmade by local artists. Each piece not only has its own unique personality but is also eco-friendly, with fabrics that are organically grown and made in the U.S. They will be showcasing their Spring 2011 collection of cool, artsy pieces which includes luxury tops, dresses, and skirts. Make sure you're there to check it out. Click here to view to view the Heyne and Bogut Facebook page. For more information on Joan Shepp visit
Picture Taken from Heyne Bogut Facebook Page

Picture Taken from Heyne Bogut Facebook Page
YAY!!!!!!! My one month anniversary is soon approaching and to thank my visitors and supporters, I would love to do a giveaway!! But...I don't know what to giveaway. So I'll leave it up to you! Make sure you take my poll to cast your vote. (Keep in mind, I don't have a lot of money but I will do my best.) If you have any other idea's beside what's posted, leave a comment! Thanks for the love!
Saturday I went to the Earthly Beauties Fashion Spotlight & Shopping Extravaganza located in CitySpace, a Victorian style mansion on 2200 Walnut Street. The event was a great opportunity to shop the collections of local designers and two of Philadelphia's hottest indie boutiques, Bus Stop Boutique and Arcadia Boutique. All types of items were available for purchasing from one-of-kind jewelry by ZivileArt to the fun, whimsical collection of Ivy Glass. There was music, light hors d'oeuvres and refreshments, also a fashion show that took place at 5 p.m. The event is free and there is a raffle with three great gift baskets filled with gift certificates and pieces from some of the designers. Raffle tickets are one for $5 or 3 for $10 and the proceeds  are donated to Career Wardrobe, a nonprofit organization dedicated to assisting women in their transition to work by providing professional attire. If you missed it today don't worry, the event takes place again tomorrow from 12 to 6 p.m. so go check it out!

Two fabulous designer events are going on at Joan Shepp on Saturday between 12 and 6 p.m. Jewelry designer Miriam Salat, one of the hottest jewelry designers in Joan Shepp, will be making a special appearance to display her newest collection. Even though her designer beginning was as a civil engineer, designing airports and highways, she later pursued her dream of designing jewelry. After just three months, her collection of hand-made pieces was sold to Barney's. Her jewelry represents the woman who embraces life to the fullest, is adventurous and free-spirited.

Picture taken from
Pieces from the Spring 2011 Inspired from Pantone Color Palette
 On the apparel side of things, White & Warren, the cashmere connoisseurs, will be making a store appearance with one of their designers. At White & Warren, they believe that cashmere should "be an integral part in ever woman's wardrobe", Gaining much inspiration from around the world, this fast growing company has celebrity fans such as Angelina Jolie, Rachel Bilson, and Blake Lively. Their 2010 holiday collection consists of accessories and cashmere scarves, hats, dresses and tops. White & Warren offers chic, comfortable, effortless style for any woman.

Picture taken from
Cashmere Travel Wrap available in Over 100 Colors

Sooo...yesterday my sister forwarded me an email from for a Dior Diva Auction for a One Month Marketing Internship with Dior Beauty, which at first seems to be, to me, a drawing for a chance to win a internship with Dior. Of course, I was excited so I clicked the link for, which opened a page with a magical wheel of things to enter for. With a little more investigating, I later realized that it's not a drawing but an actual auction, where people would bid to purchase their "once in a lifetime" experience. The auction started on December 1st and will be ending on December 15th. There are a wide range of fabulous prizes from trips to Paris to a shopping spree with Harper's Bazaar's Editor, Avil Graham, up for grabs as long as you got the dough. 100% of the funds from the winning bids would go to Look Good, Feel Better, an organization dedicated to helping woman deal with the appearance related effects of cancer.

Screenshot of

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for raising money and donating it to a great cause but... here's my problem: First off, the first time I looked at the auction for the internship the bid last placed was $750. Bids must be in $50 increments, so to even enter your bid it must be no less than $800. Secondly, the average, broke college student looking for an internship, which is unpaid, is not likely to have $800 just sitting around. In conclusion, this opportunity is open to those who have money to blow: the rich, the famous, and the fabulous. I'm not trying to seem like a hater or anything but I truly think the hard working, devoted to fashion, college student who has thousands of dollars in loans, would love and appreciate the opportunity, also. I think it would've been better if they also offered these opportunities to those who would be more appreciative, like those who can't afford it. I'm not saying that those who can won't appreciate it, but sometimes when things are earned they are appreciated more, but if you got the money, Happy Bidding!

To check it out for yourself go to and let me know what you think??? Oh and btw by the time I finished typing this post, the bidding was at $850.

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Work It Out...

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For all my ladies that like to keep in shape and go to the gym, the LA Fitness in Mt. Laurel is featuring a Body Rock Sport by Kelly Dooley Trunk Show. The trunk show will begin at 4 p.m. and will have live models and demostrations to show off their latest trends. The collection is perfect for women who don't feel they need to sacrifice style to go to the gym. Body Rock Sport promotes confidence and comfort, while staying sexy and stylish. Dooley's workout gear has technical features like pockets perfect for holding your ipod, tagless labels, and side zippers and stylish features like Swarovski crystals and studs.To get a better look at the Collection check out and for directions to the Mt. Laurel, LA Fitness go to

Kelly Dooley, creator of Body Rock Sport
Picture taken from

Shepp's Doing It Again

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Danish designer Ivan Grundahl will be debuting his Spring/Summer 2011 Collection at Joan Shepp for the next 2 days, Wednesday, December 8 and Thursday, December 9. The designer has been described as cool, avant-garde and international. Gaining inspiration from the architecture in Scandinavia, his collections use clean-cut lines with unbalanced silhouettes on a layering mix of fabrics. Grundahl's Spring/Summer Collection is a display of neutral tones in lighweight, flowing fabrics with very few splashes of color.

All Pictures from
Photographer: Copenhagen Fashion Week

For more info on Ivan Grundahl visit and for store details Hopefully I'll get a chance to check it out on Thursday.

Here's a cool event that not only gives you perks but also saves animals. On Wednesday, December 8, will be having their Old City Shop Out Dine Out For Paws Event. Ticket proceeds go to PAWS, Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society, a non-profit organization dedicated to saving Philadelphia’s homeless, abandoned, and unwanted animals. About a year ago, I had a class that went to visit one of their shelters to get some inspiration for a marketing project about PAWS. Seeing the volunteers love and care for the animals had blown us away and some of the girls had volunteered themselves and a few even adopted pets so the money is definitely going to a good cause.

Tickets are only $20 and you'll receive 20% off at over 30 of Old City's retailers and restaurants, complimentary wine at each participating retail location, courtesy of Neri Wine Cellars and Hopewell Valley Vineyards. For those traveling by car, there will also be free meter parking throughout Old City, which is a major plus, and a drawing for a chance to win a $1,000 Old City Shopping Spree. To purchase your ticket and see a list of participating shops and restuarants go to

Abakus Takeout, a unique Chinese restaurant style, sneaker and apparel shop located in Philadelphia's Chinatown (227 N. 10th St.) will be celebrating the launch of The Hundreds  x Garfield Collection. The collection includes key-chains, hats, tees, and sweatshirts. Also on Saturday, December 11th from 6 pm to 8 pm, Abakus will be having an auction style, Air Jordan Sample Sale, but for all you big footed people out there, the samples are all size 9, sorry. I plan on visiting the store tomorrow to check out the collection and maybe I'll pick up some shrimp egg foo yung while I'm there.

Check out more of The Hundreds x Garfield Collection at and for information on the Abakus Take-Out Shop visit
Pieces available on
Joan Shepp is hosting another designer event this weekend and this time it's the masters of baubles and bangles, Erickson Beamon. Founded in 1983 and designed by Detroit natives, Karen Erickson, Eric Erickson, and Vicki Beamon, this tremendous trio has not only handcrafted beautiful pieces for themselves, but for many big designers as well. Names like Calvin Klein, Chanel, Dior, and Anna Sui have used their masterpieces in their runway shows and celebrities like Beyonce, Julia Roberts and Sarah Jessica Parker have become collectors. Each piece is handcrafted and assembled by hand with prices ranging from $345 for a Neo Geo Agate and Swarovski Crystal Earrings to a Barbie Sterling Silver-Plated Feather Brooch for $1,180 (shown above) each item is unique. A percentage of the items sold at the designer event will benefit charities such as the Ronald McDonald House and Autism Speaks. Also enjoy some champagne and cider while you shop. Joan Shepp is located on 1616 Walnut Street, in Philadelphia and for more information on their store visit Also to check out more of Erickson Beamon's collection go to

The Evoluer House is having their 3rd Annual La Vie En Rose Fashion Show and Cocktail Hour at the University of the Arts. The event benefits the Evoluer House, a non-profit organization that empowers Philadelphia teenage girls of color by naturing positive self-expression and personal development. During a 12-week program girls are provided with the tools needed to make smart, positive choices. The event will be taking place in the Dorrance Hamilton Hall, located on 320 S. Broad St. in Philadelphia from 7 to 10 p.m. Tickets are now only available at the door for $80 and your ticket includes: hors d'oeuvres, cocktails, a fashion show under the creative direction of Celebrity Fashion Stylist, Micah Lamar. All proceeds will go to the Evoluer Personal Development Programs and The Evoluer House., so not only are you paying for a good time, it's also for a great cause.

Baby It's Cold Outside

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Temperatures are dropping, but that doesn't mean you can't be stylish without freezing. With the military trend going strong (and says it will still be a trend for Winter 2011) now's the time to invest in a trendy, stylish coat. Check out my top 5 military coats, that not only fit anyone's budget, but keep you warm and stylish all season too!

(L to R) Suedette Shearling Jacket $28, Marc by Marc Jacobs Cotton-Twill Military Coat $300, Juicy Couture Military-Style Wool-Blend Cape $380, H&M Military Coat for store listings, Ultimate Military Camel Wool Cape $190

Seeing Scarlett

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Looking for something fun to do tonight, well Scarlett Alley is having their 18th Annual Holiday Party. This one-of-a-kind shop is located on 241 Race Street in the Old City section of Philadelphia. Scarlett Alley offers unique gift, household items, and soft, crushed bamboo fashion from lounge to street. For one night only, shoppers can enjoy live music, champagne and snacks. Also receive 20% off jewelry, ornaments and food. The party starts at 4:30 and continues until 8:30. For more information visit