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 This weekend I went to the movies to see Disney's Tron Legacy, which I thought was a pretty good movie. Not only did it have a great story line, but I was also very impressed by the costume design. A Sci-Fi, motorcycling, skin tight collection of jumpsuits, long swing coats, and separates with lit up stripes and darts in white or other flashy neon colors. (And yes, they were actually lit using battery power.) Tron's costume designer, Michael Wilkinson and his team, drew inspiration from movies like Blade Runner and Resident Evil and took very deep consideration of the functionality and purpose of the suits. My favorite fashion scene is when Sam Flynn, played by Garrett Hedlund, enters the grid for the first time and is approached by the Sirens, decked out in all white body suits, platform cutout heels, and perfect make-up. And for those who watched America's Next Top Model cycle 3, finalist Yaya DeCosta, struts her stuff in a short role of a Siren.

This movie has already impacted the fashion world, of course, with many designers grabbing inspiration from the futuristic world of The Grid. Versace, Opening Ceremony, Addias, and jewelry designer Tom Tom, just to name a few, have pieces that reflect the geometric styles of Tron. There was even a Tron Pop-Up Shop that opened in L.A. this past November, that sold limited edition and exclusive Tron merchandise. The movie had super special effects and looks great in 3-D for the nerds that are into that stuff, but for us fashion lovers, I would also rate this movie two thumbs up!

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