Luxury Style for Less

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If you love Luxury items, but not the price tag, I found a few alternatives to getting the high-end style you desire. From luxury resell to affordable rental services, you'll want to make sure you bookmark these sites for your upcoming vacation or night out. 


If you're a parent or had to watch a child ever in your lifetime, I'm pretty sure you had to tell them no at some point. Well, YES DAY is a movie completely opposite from the norm. In this family comedy, the parents played by Jennifer Garner and Edgar Ramirez, decide to say yes to their kids wildest requests for 24 hours. Needless to say things get a little crazy, but it brings the family closer together than ever before.

New Femme Luxe Delivery

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Femme Luxe Women's Clothing

I've been working with Femme Luxe for some time now and I'm still finding something new to love on their site every time. If you follow me on Instagram, I mentioned that I have never owned so many pairs of sweatpants in my life. I used to just think of them as something for lazy days in the house or as something to wear to bed, but due to the adapting of recent events with stay at home orders and not being able to gather in public like we were used to, we got comfortable. Since I didn't want to be sitting in the house with jeans on all day, I was somewhat forced to get comfortable too. 

Another Snowstorm?!?!

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Winter seems to be at it's highest peak right now and with these storms coming back to back, it maybe time to re-up on some more winter accessories. It seemed like we went so long without worrying about snow, that we forgot what winter in the northeast was supposed to be like. Some areas even running out of shovels. As of recently, it's not just the northeast that's getting hit hard. Texas and other southern states have been getting plummeted with several inches of snowfall with no idea on how to handle it.