One of my favorite accessories to shop for when the weather gets hot is SUNGLASSES! They can be the perfect add-on to get a little attitude boost and since summertime is finally here, the sun has been no joke. One of my favorite places to shop for sunglasses is Nordstrom's BP (juniors) department. For one thing, they carry all of the latest styles in sunglasses and secondly they're all only $10! But besides Nordstrom's I found some other shades I love in 5 different styles: Nerdy, Aviator, Edgy, Over-sized, and Trendy Cat Eye. Let me know what you think!

Ray Ban
No matter how worn out this style may seem, I still love it and Ray Ban keeps coming up with cool styles to keep them hip for the hipsters. I love the gradient frames making these glasses great with any shade of denim.

Ralph Lauren Aviators
Who doesn't love the sleek, classic shape of the Aviator? 'Nuff said.

Black Corners
Edgy accessory designer twins, Coco and Beezy, may come from the Middle-of-No-Where, America, but their sunglasses designs are Out-of-this-World. Mixing hardware with supergalactic looks, these shades will definitely send off an instant rock star vibe.

I <3 the little extras on these glasses. The tiny gold studs and the pop of color above the lenses make them noticeably cute without being overly dramatic.

Prada Cat Eye
These retro Cat Eye glasses are "off the runway hot"! These statement glasses maybe a little intimating at first, but with an accessory this bold remember to K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid).

Butterflies in the City

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Last night after leaving a crazed, tween/teen filled King of Prussia Mall waiting for an appearance from pop sensation Selena Gomez from the Disney Channel and a stop on South St, I noticed Butterflies in the City. But not real ones, they were the butterflies I had posted about on Floating like a Butterfly earlier this month, a traveling art installation called "Metamorphosis" by Philadelphia Artist Conrad Booker which started at Bus Stop Boutique and is now at Carmelita Couture and the Vintage Wine Bar. These wonderful butterflies were created using recycled materials like magazines and soda cans, turning trash into treasure. Here's some pics of the display at Carmelita Couture at 17 West 3rd Street in Old City but of course it's better to see them in person. Enjoy!

Jewelery Junkies can rejoice because PNK Elephant opened their new flagship store Thursday, June 15th on what better place than South Street!! During the beginning stages of Fashion of Philly, I found out about PNK Elephant and I really fell in love with their treasures. It's fun, trendy and best of all affordable with prices ranging from $5 to $80.
Tierskull Earrings - Muted Gold

Flower Necklace - Teal

Flex Full Finger Ring - Pewter

Sike Bracelet - Shiny Gold
Pictures from

Founders Blair Sondlain & Kijafa Frink started PNK Elephant because of their love for trendy, affordable accessories and launched their online store With accessories to go with any outfit, PNK Elephant is definately an one stop shop destination. The celebration continues on into the weekend and I can't wait to go check the store out for myself and pick up some of my favorite pieces. Check out their interview on NBC's The 10 Show to get a sneek peek of what's in store!

View more videos at:

A Day at the Park

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A short trip to the park on a lovely day was the perfect opportunity for a quick photo shoot. I'm a huge fan of graphic tees and this one is from Philly's DNTN Brand and it goes perfectly with my Nike Air Max 24/7's, my hot pink watch I picked up from Aldo and my Nike fanny pack (that's right, fanny pack) I found at a rummage sale. Also I would like to thank Shariff for being such a great photographer.
<3 Him!

You're Invited to a Shoe Party!
Wednesday, June 15
5-8 PM
The British Are Coming, so get ready for the British Invasion. BUS STOP shoes are flying North & will be available exclusively at Three Sirens Boutique for a limited time only.
Stop by Three Sirens as BUS STOP brings it's swinging European styles to Old City with an exclusive Pop Up shop inside our shop!
Join us on June 15 from 5-8PM to crown our Queen of a shop & celebrate the new BUS STOP space tucked away in the back of Three Sirens Boutique! Sip on cocktails, slip on swanky heels or flats from BUS STOP.
Come prepared to dress yourself from head to toe with special discounts on looks from Three Sirens & complimentary Look From London Hosiery from BUS STOP!

Stylist of the Month - May

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Tell us a little about yourself.
I am a photographer from Philadelphia PA, currently working out of New York and Philadelphia. My work is very political, very avant-garde and just all around very edgy. My goal as a photographer is to change the way that people think and to inspire them to look at their surroundings in a different light.

As far as me personally, I like long walks on the beach... (Right) in all seriousness I am a huge foodie and wine-o, I love vegan cuisine and I am an advocate for LGBT youth. I want to inspire the LGBT community to live a classy, refined, and modest lifestyle. Of course I am edgy but I am really very old at heart. I love classic novels and tea.

Describe your personal style.
My personal style is very English. I like to mix a little bit of edgy rock and roll with every tailored (Taylored haha) piece. I love long coats and blazers, bow ties, and BOOTS and just anything that is well made and well constructed. Great denim is a must have for me. Clothing integrity is a huge part of my style. I love putting together outfits that are eye-catching for positive reasons. I use my art background to play with color and really play up old styles. I like to think of my style as a modern taste to old concepts.

Where do you find your inspiration?
I am inspired by a lot of things. Mostly English fashion. I love taking more formal pieces and trying to make them work in day-wear. I go thrifting a lot, so I am usually inspired by classic and unique pieces. But with my photography and my sensibility as a stylist, I would say that my biggest inspiration is Victorian and Edwardian fashion and culture. I think that if it were possible, I would dress in that period all the time.

Who is your favorite fashion photographer?

My favorite fashion photographer is definitely Ruven Afanador. I think he is one artist that really makes me feel less insane. I think his concepts are brilliant and he is technically sound.

Where are your top 3 places to shop?

My top 3 places to shop are probably H&M, ZARA, and ALDO, and countless thrift stores.

List three of your favorite designers.

This is an easy one. Alexander Mcqueen, John Galliano, and Marc Jacobs

With John Galliano being one of your favorite designers, what are your feeling about what has happened to him recently?

I honestly think that the situation that John Galiano finds himself in is rather strange. I think that when you have that many eyes on you, I would say that you need to be a bit more concerned about how you represent yourself. I think that there are so many good people say bad things and it can be taken out of context. Its kind of sad how easy it is to offend people if every word you say is being heard. Kind of makes me question my quest for stardom, haha.
What’s your favorite color?

My favorite color is blue.

What do you splurge on?

BOOTS! I buy so many pairs of boots. If I go shopping and I say, “I am not spending a dime” that is the one thing that will change my mind.

Do you collect anything special?
I collect vintage cameras. I have about 25 at this point. From brownies to Ponies, all iconic cameras.

What fashionable item do you wish would disappear?

Well I can tell you confidently that I am not going to feed into the glam-rock fad of men wearing “Jeggings”. No thank you. I am not a huge fan of Gender-Bending. And for woman, I will never ever ever understand wearing leggings as pants. If the garment does not cover your bum, it’s not a “dress” it’s a shirt.

What is your must have piece for spring?

I would say that my Must Have for spring for me personally is a navy blazer with Blue piping on the lapel. But generally, probably a small flare of animal print. I personally just got a cheetah bow-tie that I will be working into my spring wardrobe. I also think that everyone needs a tiny bit of denim.

What is your favorite song of the moment?

My favorite song at the moment is “Rolling in the Deep” by Adele.

Where would you love to be your next travel destination?

London, England.

Do you have any advice for other fashion stylist out there?
My advice to other stylists is to always stay true to your sensibilities and personal styles. Because I am seeing a trend in the music industry that everyone wants to be Lady Gaga and they are all making themselves so contrived and over-the-top just to get fans. I imagine the struggle to be the same in the Photography world, but stay true to you because fads come and go. Trends are something to follow but I think you should always put your spin on it.

Well thank you for taking an interest in my personal style. To view my work go to

You can follow Taylor on Tumblr at
Follow Taylor on Twitter: @THPtaylorhorne

Check out more of Taylor's style on

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If you would like to be featured as a "Stylist of the Month" email Subject: Stylist. I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

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Floating like a Butterfly

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Stop by Bus Stop Boutique for an Opening Reception of "Metamorphosis", an Art Installation by Conrad Booker, June 1, 2011 5:30PM - 8:30PM. Come admire an incredible installation by Philadelphia’s talented Conrad Booker that will adorn Philadelphia in a multi-part installation of thousands of butterflies created from recycled fashion magazines and soda cans starting June 1st and will stay up through July 2011. Indulge in fun ‘Mourning Cloak’ cocktails provided by Absolut and take beautiful colorful memories home with you.

Also follow the installations to Carmelita Couture 6/8 and at Vintage Wine Bar 6/15.

Falling for the End of Summer

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As I browse through my Bazaar Mag I got last week, I start to get excited for Fall even though it's the First of June! It seemed to be take forever, but we know as soon as The First Day of Summer arrives, it'll be over faster then you can say Balenciaga.

I always loved Fall because I think it's the most creative, fashionable season with the fun layering and great transitional pieces. I'm glad to see that Nautical Stripes and Maxi Skirts and Dresses still made the cut for Fall. Pairing them with a leather jacket or blazer would make your look chic and as effortless as ever.

A big color for the Fall season is definitely RED as everyone from Prabal Gurung to Michael Kors sent fiery looks down the runway. Another thing big for Fall, literally, are the coats with over-sized silhouettes and dramatic styles. Here are some runway and street looks from, hopes it also inspires you to fall for Fall.

Michael Kors