Fashion of Philly: Shady Lady

Friday, June 24, 2011

Shady Lady

One of my favorite accessories to shop for when the weather gets hot is SUNGLASSES! They can be the perfect add-on to get a little attitude boost and since summertime is finally here, the sun has been no joke. One of my favorite places to shop for sunglasses is Nordstrom's BP (juniors) department. For one thing, they carry all of the latest styles in sunglasses and secondly they're all only $10! But besides Nordstrom's I found some other shades I love in 5 different styles: Nerdy, Aviator, Edgy, Over-sized, and Trendy Cat Eye. Let me know what you think!

Ray Ban
No matter how worn out this style may seem, I still love it and Ray Ban keeps coming up with cool styles to keep them hip for the hipsters. I love the gradient frames making these glasses great with any shade of denim.

Ralph Lauren Aviators
Who doesn't love the sleek, classic shape of the Aviator? 'Nuff said.

Black Corners
Edgy accessory designer twins, Coco and Beezy, may come from the Middle-of-No-Where, America, but their sunglasses designs are Out-of-this-World. Mixing hardware with supergalactic looks, these shades will definitely send off an instant rock star vibe.

I <3 the little extras on these glasses. The tiny gold studs and the pop of color above the lenses make them noticeably cute without being overly dramatic.

Prada Cat Eye
These retro Cat Eye glasses are "off the runway hot"! These statement glasses maybe a little intimating at first, but with an accessory this bold remember to K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid).

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  1. I love sunglasses too soo much my favorite ones are the aviators all the way. Everything else just look weird on me. :)

    <3 Marina