Sooo...yesterday my sister forwarded me an email from for a Dior Diva Auction for a One Month Marketing Internship with Dior Beauty, which at first seems to be, to me, a drawing for a chance to win a internship with Dior. Of course, I was excited so I clicked the link for, which opened a page with a magical wheel of things to enter for. With a little more investigating, I later realized that it's not a drawing but an actual auction, where people would bid to purchase their "once in a lifetime" experience. The auction started on December 1st and will be ending on December 15th. There are a wide range of fabulous prizes from trips to Paris to a shopping spree with Harper's Bazaar's Editor, Avil Graham, up for grabs as long as you got the dough. 100% of the funds from the winning bids would go to Look Good, Feel Better, an organization dedicated to helping woman deal with the appearance related effects of cancer.

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Don't get me wrong, I'm all for raising money and donating it to a great cause but... here's my problem: First off, the first time I looked at the auction for the internship the bid last placed was $750. Bids must be in $50 increments, so to even enter your bid it must be no less than $800. Secondly, the average, broke college student looking for an internship, which is unpaid, is not likely to have $800 just sitting around. In conclusion, this opportunity is open to those who have money to blow: the rich, the famous, and the fabulous. I'm not trying to seem like a hater or anything but I truly think the hard working, devoted to fashion, college student who has thousands of dollars in loans, would love and appreciate the opportunity, also. I think it would've been better if they also offered these opportunities to those who would be more appreciative, like those who can't afford it. I'm not saying that those who can won't appreciate it, but sometimes when things are earned they are appreciated more, but if you got the money, Happy Bidding!

To check it out for yourself go to and let me know what you think??? Oh and btw by the time I finished typing this post, the bidding was at $850.

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