A Thank You Letter to the Readers

by Brittiny Stewart, 12:57 AM
Dear Readers:

Today is the one month anniversary of Fashion of Philly and I couldn't be more happier. Just thinking of how much I've accomplished in a month is awesome and what a busy month its been. Between attending events to visiting designer showrooms, it's much more than I excepted so soon, but I'm loving every moment of it and it's only the beginning. I have much more planned for the future and I can't wait to share my ideas with you. I want to thank everyone that supports, follows, or just stumbled on my blog. I also want to say a big thank you to those who took the time to comment on my posts because I love the feedback. I would also like to thank my Grandmother "Grand" in this post because this past week my family and I have been spending precious time with her making sure she's at peace. I believe that she instilled in me my love of fashion, as I remember her sewing beautiful dresses and gowns as a child. On an ending note, as you know, this time of year people focus on spending time with friends and family but let's not limit ourselves. I encourage everyone to try to spend time with those we have, while we have them. I wish you all the best and thanks, thanks, thanks, again!

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