Friday, February 19, 2021

New Femme Luxe Delivery

Femme Luxe Women's Clothing

I've been working with Femme Luxe for some time now and I'm still finding something new to love on their site every time. If you follow me on Instagram, I mentioned that I have never owned so many pairs of sweatpants in my life. I used to just think of them as something for lazy days in the house or as something to wear to bed, but due to the adapting of recent events with stay at home orders and not being able to gather in public like we were used to, we got comfortable. Since I didn't want to be sitting in the house with jeans on all day, I was somewhat forced to get comfortable too. 

Black Knitted Loungewear
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I recently ordered not one, but two loungewear sets from Femme Luxe. One in black and the other in cream. The Black Alexia Set, although pretty basic, is great for wearing together or separate, of course. I couldn't believe that I didn't own a plain black pullover hoodie, but now that I do I obsessed with it. It looks great layered with almost any lightweight coat, like a motorcycle jacket or a trench coat, to give you some extra warmth when you don't feel like wearing a bulky, heavy coat. I also found that it goes nicely with my Ivy Park Supersleek Sneakers. 

cream ladies loungewear

In contrast to the black, I ordered the Cream Alexia Set because I don't have anything like it in my wardrobe and sometimes I try to push myself outside of my comfort zone. For the most part, I'm scared I'm going to spilled something on it, but I definitely love how luxurious it makes a simple sweatsuit look. Even if you wanted to dress it up, all you would have to do is add a cute bodysuit and a nude/clear heel and you're set. When it comes to accessories, you can have fun by adding chunky gold linked jewelry. 

Black Corset

I love having an item I can style different ways like the Rina Black Corset crop top. When I first saw it, I tried it on just by itself, but then I thought how cute it would look layered under another shirt, like a button down. It could be a classic white button down, a light weight flannel, or even a t-shirt. It's very stretchy and has a eye and hook closure in the front. The front piece you can either leave out or tuck in, totally your preference, but I think it would mostly depend on the type of bottoms you wear with it. I wore the corset by itself with a pair of ultra high rise mom straight leg jeans. 

Black Bodysuit Corset

For the second way I styled the corset top, I decided to layer it over a lightweight flannel button down with faux leather high waisted leggings, which I liked just as much. Either one of these looks can be good for a night out, since things are starting to open up a little more. When it comes to wearing something like this, the best thing to do is, wear it how it feels most comfortable to you. You're the one wearing it, so you want to feel good in it. We you don't feel comfortable in something, you're not going to feel confident and it will show. This is something I always told my customers when working in retail, especially when they're trying out a new style.

Kimani Button Down Shirt

The last piece in my Femme Lux package was a half distressed denim, Kimani Button Down Shirt. For whatever reason, I thought it was going to be long enough to maybe wear as a dress, but it most definitely is not. Instead, I put it was the same faux leather leggings as before. I like that the shirt has a tie to cinch in your waist, so it doesn't just look like an oversized shirt. I also like the bits of distressing around the denim part of the shirt. The sleeves are long enough to cuff if needed and it was comfortable enough to move around in. I thought about pairing this top with denim jeans, but I know I would want the colors to match as much as possible, so black leggings seems to be the best option. On the site, the model is wearing it with white biker shorts and this is something I could see doing when the weather gets warmer. If you're interested in what other styles Femme Luxe has to offer be sure to check out their site: They do ship to the USA and also have amazing deals going on, so now the perfect time to get something new for spring!