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Monday, July 11, 2011


The Clothes
Rompers are not only cute but really effortless fashion. I love this one I brought from Armani Exchange a couple years ago. It's lightweight to keep you cool in the summer and can be easily dressed up or down. The shoes are a copy of the Balenciaga's pictured in my Inspiration post below. I fell in love with the originals, but unfortunately my pockets aren't that deep so I settled with this version I found at Mandee's for about $12. Works For Me!

Styling: Brittiny Stewart
Photography: Shariff Adams
Location: South Street

The Location
After reviewing the pictures of the location, I noticed a theme, The Art and Beauty of Trash. For this shoot we went to the Magic Gardens on South St. and took pictures of some of the beautiful mosaic tile work. If you never seen this attraction before it is absolutely amazing. Not only is it put together with broken glass and tile pieces but tons of other junk items like old bicycle parts, flatware, and even a toilet. It's almost like a huge i-spy puzzle without the list.
Speaking of finding things, I found these interesting solar trash compactors that are pretty high tech because not only do they cut down on trash collecting by 75%, but they even spend out a wireless notification to let the city know when it's full. During the Spring of 2011sty, 50 of the solar compactors along South St. were redesigned by local artist and students from several Philadelphia schools.

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