Saturday, July 9, 2011

Inspiration for Personal Style Shoot

I've been wanting to create more personal style shoots to post on Fashion of Philly since that's one thing I felt my blog has been missing. I gathered some inspirational photos, some mine and some from various fashion sites and blogs to give you a feel of what's expected. My photographer and I went to the Philadelphia Magic Gardens on 1020 South St, which I thought would be a cool spot for a quick photo shoot. The weather was hot and the pics are cool so stay tuned until next week to check 'em out!
From Left to Right, Starting at the Top
Tribal Bangles -, Street Photo -, Street Photo -, Photo of Sticker - Fashion of Philly, Philadelphia Magic Garden - Fashion of Philly, Balenciaga Shoes -,  Philadelphia Magic Garden - Fashion of Philly, Kaws Painting -, Black Romper-

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