Fashion of Philly: Stylist of the Month - June

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Stylist of the Month - June

Tell us a little about yourself.
Well, my name is Soraya Samuels. I love fashion it’s definitely a big part of my life and the industry I’m aspiring to work and leave my footprint in. Right now I’m just working for myself as a freelance stylist and of course fashion blogging. But one day I would love to get into creative directing or maybe become a fashion editor. But even more than fashion, I am enamored by personal style. I think how someone expresses him or herself through choice of dress is far more intriguing to me than any designer handbag.
Describe your personal style.
Honesty if I had to put my style into words it would be schizophrenic. I really don’t stick to any one type of “style” it’s just constantly changing and evolving. How I dress really is just a reflection of my mood and how I feel at the time. I’m definitely more into casual wear though. I’m not much or a dressy, girly girl, never have been. If I wear a more feminine piece like a dress or floral blazer, I always add my own flare and pair it with a pair of combat boots or spiked cuff. I like a bit of edge. I also like to be a bit androgynous and own quite a bit of menswear pieces. Cause what’s sexier than a girl in her boyfriend’s tees, right?
Where do you find your inspiration?
I find inspiration in almost everything. I love being inspired by characters whether it is in films or novels. I also love just spending an entire day exploring the city and people watching. My surroundings really get my creative juices flowing.

Where are your top 3 places to shop?
I absolutely love thrift shopping it’s definitely one of my favorite pastimes. One man’s trash is definitely my treasure. I also have gotten really into online shopping the past couple of years. I love everything from Etsy to Nasty Gal. I do shop at some retail stores as well for basics like H&M, Zara, and Forever 21.
What do you splurge on?
You know, I’m really not into splurging too much. I sort of a pride myself in being great at seeking out bargains. I think a lot of people confuse having great style with the amount of zeros on a price tag which is completely false. But I think my one weakness would have to be shoes. Even with a closet full I always feel I need another pair. I blame Jeffrey Campbell. He is seriously a shoe god and I want to own every pair of his beautiful creations!!
Do you collect anything special?
I’m really into collecting beautiful vintage jewelry and purses. It’s funny because a lot of the really valuable vintage items I own I’m too afraid to actually wear. So I kind of just admire their beauty.

Are you working on any future projects?
Yes! I have quite a few projects I’m working on. I have my first blog, Finger In The Socket Fashion that I started with my best friend about 3 years ago. It’s basically a fashion diary of sorts and I’m really proud of what we’ve created together and how much it’s grown. Then I have my personal style blog, The Cray Cray that is a bit more fun and unfiltered. It’s my silly voice on fashion, trends, and media. My newest and most exciting project is a vintage e-shop a friend and myself have in the works! I’m so excited to share that with everyone because we’ve been talking about doing it for over a year now. So that should be launching this summer and I will definitely announce the progress of that on both blogs.

What is your favorite song of the moment?
For the moment I’d say “Rose Garden” by Shad. It’s such a great feel good/summer tune.
Where would you love to be your next travel destination?
I’ve just been dying to visit London! I just love everything about the people, the culture, and style. It’s all so dope to me.

If you love Soraya's style make sure to check out her blogs The Cray Cray and Finger in the Socket
Also follow her on Twitter @SorayaSamuels

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