Socks for Society

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Guy or Girl, we all need socks. They're constantly getting sucked up by the dryer monster leaving you always on the hunt for a new pair. So you might as well get a pair that does some good. Society Socks are fashionable socks with amazing quality that have a good side.

Super soft and cozy, Society Socks come in an array of colors, patterns and styles that you or that special guy in your life would love to wear. These socks will keep your toes warm made with 80% combed cotton, 15% polyester, and 5% elastane. With designs inspired by European, Asian, and North American cultures they can easily fit into any wardrobe.

On the flip side, the brand found something that was missing. Many homeless shelters desperately needed new sock donations. So with every pair of socks purchased, Society Socks will donate 2 pairs to those in need. "We've created a sustainable business model that can consistently provide homeless shelters with a reliable shipment of socks. As we grow, we will provide more and more charities with socks." So far thousands of socks have been donated and they're only getting started.

Sign up today for either a month to month, 3 month, 6 month, or 12 month subscription for yourself or as a gift. The women's subscription will be launching soon so sign up now for early access!

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