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Since my last post, quarantine for me has been over and I went back to working my regular job. It can be a little difficult jumping back into the swing of things, but one thing I am trying to keep consistent is taking good care of my skin. I recently acquired a few new skincare/beauty products that I think you'll enjoy and that you may want to try for yourself, so keep reading if you’re interested. 

Type A Deodorant 
Type A Deodorant is an aluminum free deodorant with sweat activated technology. I purchased this as a part of a digital challenge for Influsenter and ended up really loving it by mistake. Usually I keep a spare deodorant in my bag just in case I run out the house and forget to put some on. However, this time the spare deodorant happened to be the Type A Deodorant that I just purchased from Target. I was a little nervous at first to use it in place of my regular deodorant because I wasn't sure how it would be able to keep up with the fast pace at work. But it turned out to be really good. The squeeze tube container is a little unordinary compared to other deodorant containers but it still gets the job done.

A company called Popmask recently sent me three of their self heating sleep mask. Sleepover, Starry Eyes  and Jetsetter come in packs of 5 self-warming sleep mask that heat up in less than 30 seconds and soothe you right to sleep. The sleepover mask comes in a rose scent and the jet-setter has a calming Jasmine scent. I like the fact that they're really easy to use and can be easily stored in your carry-on/overnight bag or on your nightstand. At first I found it a little odd to get used to the heat around your eyes since usually it’s a cold eye mask but it turns out that warmth increases circulation, plumping skin around the eyes for a more rested appearance, while also encouraging the mind to quiet itself, let go of tensions and maybe even drift off to sleep.

CBD beauty and skincare is on the rise! So when KUL CBD reached out to me about trying some of their products I was very intrigued. Their products are made from patent-pending formulas modelled after high end brands like La Mar and Chantecaille but with Full Spectrum CBD and affordable prices. I was very interested in trying their exfoliating cleanser and glö serum. 

Exfoliating Cleanser
The exfoliating cleanser contains 100 mg of CBD and is great for getting rid of those dead skin cells, balancing probiotics and antioxidants leaving your skin brighter an evening out your skin tone. It also includes ingredients like apple fruit extract, green tea, pro-vitamin B5 and apricot seeds. I love that it didn't feel too rough of my face and I can definitely see myself using it daily.
KULCBD Glö Serum
Glö Serum
Their glö serum definitely seals the deal in my skin care routine. It contains 500mg of full spectrum CBD, rose extract, milk thistle and tamanu along with balancing probiotics, hydrating omega-3 fatty acids, and antioxidants to leave your skin feeling more radiant than ever. I love the clean scent and how light-weight it is. It's perfect for that summertime no makeup glow.

212 Luxe

212 Luxe
I recently discovered 212 Luxe as a local, black-owned Philadelphia brand that makes organic body scrubs, soaps, bath bombs and body butters. I personally am a sucker for a good body scrub and their cotton blossom sugar scrub doesn't disappoint. The Shea butter makes the scrub very hydrating, unlike some body scrubs that maybe dry and crumble apart before you can even put it on your skin. 
212 Luxe Cotton Blossom Body Scrub
I also purchased their bar of cotton blossom soap which smells really fresh, not over powering. One thing I definitely noticed is that my skin does not feel dried out after using it. 
These are just a few of my recent favorites that I discovered during the month of June. Don’t forget to come back next month to see what I’m loving for July. 

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