Monday, August 19, 2013

Shopping with ShopKick

Shopping in general is fun, but shopping with ShopKick is tons of fun. Shopkick is the ultimate shopping app that inspires, organizes, and rewards you just for shopping. Think of it as having apps for your favorite stores like Target, Macy's, and Anthropologie all in one spot. What I love most about the app is simply how easy it is and that it's not just clothing stores. Think about it, how many times do you visit Target in a month? I know I'm always in there. So how awesome is it to earn points without having to spend a dime!?! (Even though you probably will.)

By shopping and visiting stores, you can collect points or "kicks" to earn big rewards like Starbucks coffee or jewelry from Tiffany & Co. The app also alerts you to any specials in-store and additional ways you can rack up more kicks.

You can even make purchases directly through the Shopkick app from from more than 30 popular stores and even earn points for doing so.

Make your ShopKick app personal by saving the items you love into a customized lookbook, connect with others that share similar taste to discover and share product and "like" your favorites to be automatically reminded of them upon walking into a store where they're sold.

Photo Courtesy of ShopKick
*Back-to-School Alert* Find special lookbooks with back-to-school essentials and deals from brands like Target and Levi's!

Have you downloaded ShopKick already? What do you love about the app? If not, you can download your free ShopKick app now available on iTunes and Google Play


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