Thursday, August 1, 2013

City Girl Dairies: Leila Sham

The Style Network's newest reality show, City Girl Dairies, follows the life and careers of five friends in Sex in the City type of way (minus all the sex). I recently got to chat with Leila Sham, who is also a fashion designer, about what it's like to be on the show and her life in the fashion industry.

When asked, how has being on the show affected her fashion career? She replied saying it's helped her get more exposure for her brand including having one of the biggest PR's in fashion, Mark Silver of Factory PR, build her brand, and being able to present her collection during NYFW. Not to mention obtaining more sponsorship opportunities and an increase in internet sales on She also is able to get a better understanding of who her customer is and what looks good on different body types.

Leila Shams Fall 2013 Collection
Shams' favorite part about being on City Girl Dairies is being able to get more press, putting on her first runway show for NYFW, and hanging out with her friends, despite their busy schedule. On the other hand, she finds herself worrying about not wanting to embarrass her parents, which I, personally, always wondered if reality stars ever thought about that. On the fashion side of things, she finds great inspiration in the late Alexander McQueen, who I also favor. I could only imagine what he could be designing if he was still alive today. Shams' is an amazing designer herself and I'm loving everything from her Fall 2013 Ultra Violet collection. From the Ombre Leoprad Skinnies to the Moto Jackets, which she said is something every woman should own, they're all great pieces for any occasion. I am now a fan of not just the show, but her designs! You can check out the rest of her collection on and go to the to find out more about City Girl Dairies which airs on Sunday at 10 p.m. EST. It's not too far in the season to catch up if you haven't been watching so make sure you tune in!


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