Fashion of Philly: Hello Moisture

Monday, April 15, 2013

Hello Moisture

Sample and Photo Courtesy of Priti NYC
Say goodbye to dryness and hello to moisture with the Priti NYC Soy Polish Remover. I never had a remover make my nails feel so good. In 2005, native Australian and former model Kim D'Amato, saw a void in the market for products that could be used without fear of what was being put into the body or disposed into the world. The removers are 100% natural, 100% biodegradable, non-toxic, and non carcinogenic (non-cancer producing). Unlike most polish removers, made from harsh and strong smelling chemicals, Priti NYC's Soy Polish Remover is derived from farm crops and does not contain any petroleum ingredients or acetone. This all natural remover comes available in lavender, lemongrass and white blossom scents, which are infused with soybean esters and essential oils, as well as an unscented version. The remover comes in two sizes: a 2 ounce bottle for $11.25 and a 4 ounce for $22.50 or if you're not ready to commit try the Soy Polish Wipes for $9.99. I think it's totally worth the investment, not just for the environment, but also your well being.

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