Fashion of Philly: Ba Star Pro Makeup

Monday, April 29, 2013

Ba Star Pro Makeup

I recently received this eye shadow palette from Ba Star. At first I was kinda if-y because the packaging wasn't that impressive, but after trying it, I really liked it. The colors show up really well and apply easily. This natural eye palette is excellent for everyday, but if you want to spruce it up a little, it includes two metallics shades: gold and crystal. Best of all, it's so affordable. You can find eyeshadow palettes for only $8.75 or buy a kit that includes: a shadow palette, liner & mascara, blush, lip pencil, cosmetic bag, 5 piece mini brush set and a duo pencil sharpener for only $25! What a great deal! If you decide on just the shadow palette, may I recommend using a different eye shadow brush to achieve a flawless look.

Right now you can try Ba Star cosmetics at 50% off by using code: BBSMOKY! If you do let me know what you think! Go to to check out their line of shadows and kits.

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