Thursday, June 20, 2013

NVEY ECO Pure Organic Makeup Review


NVEY ECO is an all-natural NATRUE certified organic green makeup line that boasts perfection through high performance color and long lasting characteristics without animal testing. NVEY ECO's makeup is enriched with nourishing properties that use organic and plant ingredients, infused with natural botanical extracts, powerful antioxidants, and Vitamins A, C, & E.  Launched internationally in 2005, the certified organic and chemical free NVEY ECO Organic Make-Up Cosmetics  was created using exclusive bio-organic, animal- friendly formulas, and methods to make a pure, gentle and highly effective make-up solution.

I was presented with the opportunity to review 2 of NVEY Eco's organic eyeshadow shades and brushes below. I love the concept behind their cosmetics brand. However I'm not a fan just yet based on the products I received. Dare I challenge their statement "NVEY ECO explodes the myth that going green reduces the performance and application of make-up." 

*Rose Gold #168 ( Retail Price $29.85) -  The shadow doesn't appear rose or gold. It actually appears as a light shimmery creme color. I would use it as a highlight underneath my brow. I would rate this product 6 out of 10. I don't love but at the same time I don't hate it.

*Black Gold #170 (Retail Price $29.85) - I was excited when I read the label but disappointed with this shade entirely. I felt deceived again as I did with Rose Gold. It appears on my skin as a washed-out gray and not pigmented at all. It has specks of gold within the shadow which gives the gray a shimmer effect. I imagined a bold black shadow with a hints of gold . NVEY definitely missed the mark and did not come close to "exploding" the performance myth with this shade. It actually did the complete opposite. I rate this shade a 2 out of 10.

 *Powder Brush ( Retail Price $55.00) - This brush is a keeper. The brush handle was made using a special corn resin. The cruelty-free brush hairs are made of fine and soft synthetic fibres. It's extremely soft and great for applying finishing powder.

*Large Eyeshadow Brush ( Retail Price $29.85)- Created just like the powder brush, this brush is so soft and gentle on the eyes. The bristles are just a tad bit too long and seems more like a blending brush  when applying shadow. If you have extremely large lids, add this brush to your arsenal.


  • Brand new Australian makeup collection, that is 100% natural and organic - also NATRUE and NSF Organic Certified
  • Does not test on animals, and is chemical free - boasting high volumes of botanical extracts and powerful antioxidants.
  • Does not contain any Parabens, Sulphates, GMOs, Propylene Glycol, Talc, Petrochemicals, Synthetic Colors or Synethic Fragrances 
  • is a safe, ethical, functional, and environmentally friendly cosmetic for consumers.


  • Shadows are not pigmented.
  • Overpriced


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