Friday, June 14, 2013

Interview with Celebrity Makeup Artist & Youtube Beauty Guru BeatFaceHoney

I was extremely excited as well nervous holding back tears in having the opportunity to interview Philadelphia based Celebrity Makeup Artist and Beauty Vlogger (with over 5 million views on Youtube), Tatiana Ward aka BeatFaceHoney.  She is absolutely a gem and I have to say I was floored as to how down to earth she was. I wanted to really shed some light on her story as it has inspired me tremendously!

Tatiana Ward singing on American Idol
Tatiana Ward pursued being a professional vocalist for the majority of her life actually auditioning and appearing on American Idol! When she realized music will not take her to the heights she would have wanted, she began to go after her  2nd love, makeup. 

Five years in the making as a struggling artist who I can completely identify with, her dreams finally came true. She posted a video asking her subscribers to @4everbrandy (Singer Brandy) on Instagram because she wanted to do her makeup for a performance Brandy was having in Philly. Let’s just say the rest is history!

You can check out the video below. Enjoy!!

BeatFaceHoney and Singer Brandy Norwood


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