Thursday, June 20, 2013

Get the Look!

5 Makeup Artist Tips

Get this look using the products listed below! by Khadijah Sumter


Ruby Woo/RiRi

When you’re a makeup artist, everyone looks to you for tips and tricks. I’m always inventing ways to maximize product use and still achieve a red carpet look. Below are some of my personal favorite yet simple tricks anyone can do that will make you look and feel like a pro! 

1) Mixing Queen: Summer is the season for tinted moisturizers with a hint of bronzer, at least from a Jersey girl’s perspective. You can create a tinted moisturizer by mixing your regular foundation with a daily face moisturizer lotion/cream. The end result once applied is a nice light, sheer coverage that hydrates your skin at the same time. 

 2) Lipstick Trick : Need a hint of color on your cheeks? Smudge lipstick onto your hand. Use your finger to dip, dabble, and blend color onto your cheeks. It gives you a pinch –cheeky look which appears quite natural. 

 3) 2-in-1: Mascara can act as an eyeliner! Swipe the liner brush against the tip of the wand where extra mascara can be found and apply to your lash line. Don’t forget to blend by adding mascara to your lashes. 

4) Make Me Matte: Transform any lipstick matte by placing just a little blush powder on top. Apply lipstick, blot, and pat blush on top with your finger until it's fully matte.

5) Signature Brow: I have droopy eyebrows so I have to say this one of my favorite things to do to give me a little umph. Using concealer, highlight underneath yours brows with a flat concealer brush. Placing concealer around the brows helps in achieving the shape you desire and of course lift your brows. (tutorial coming soon) 
What are some of your tricks?  


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