Tea Time

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Lately, I've been feeling a little under the weather. One minute I sound normal, the next, I'm the evil queen from Snow White after she turns into the evil old hag. One word: scary. To ease my throat, I've been sipping on Davidson's Organic Teas. These teas are USDA Certified Organic, Kosher Certified and Fair-Trade Ceritified and are available in loose leaf and bagged tea options. Interestingly, Davidson's Organics is one of the only distributors of Tulsi, a super herb sometimes called the "Queen of Herbs". Tulsi is known to reduce stress, heal common ailments and strengthen the bodies immune system. Which is something I definitely need. It has a really delicious, unique flavor. Sort of minty and really soothing.

There are tons of flavor combinations to choose from and different price ranges depending on number of tea bags or package size for loose teas. For example, you could get 8 bags for $2.95 or a 16 ounce bag (approx. 200-250 cups) for $24.50. I suggest getting the Tulsi Sampler Chest which includes six assorted, caffeine free Tulsi teas for $4.95 and it comes packaged in a cute little reusable wooden tea chest that you could use to store those cute stud earrings you have just laying around. You can also find great gift sets for that special tea lover you know.

For more information on Davidson's Organic Teas or Tulsi, go to Davidsonstea.com. Stay healthy!
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  1. I will be forwarding this to my son so that he could learn this..

  2. Herbal tea is a way of getting health benefits naturally so I usually like to try different herbal teas such as tulsi, peppermint, chamomile, green and essiac tea.