Cuff Love

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1. Samii Ryan Spike Ear Cuff Available at Nordstrom $28 2. Warrior Ear Cuff $12 3. H&M Earring $5.95 4. BCBG Leaf Ear Cuff $24 5. Berbere 18 Karat Gold Diamond Ear Cuff from Gaia Repossi Available on $13,781 6. Jacquie Aiche from ShopBop $110 7. Urban Outfitters Cape Carol Rhinestone Cuff Earring $14.99
Ear cuffs are so major right now! You can find them at some of your favorite stores in a ton of different styles: edgy, grunge, dainty, or tribal inspired. I recently committed to the trend and pick up one at Aldo for only $12! I couldn't find it online, but it comes in two colors: the clear crystal and a black crystal. I went with the clear because it's a little more spring like. Of course, you can't have just one so I searched the web and found a few to share with you. Which is your favorite?

The Ear Cuff I Got From Aldo!

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