If you've been following me, you know that this weekend Diesel celebrated their Grand Opening in the King of Prussia Mall. The event was hosted by my girls from Philly FabbJessie Holeva and Lauren Mantilla. Shoppers were invited to posed for their chance to win tickets plus airfare to Coachella and special congrats to Liz Mucha for winning the awesome prize...I'm a lil jeal btw.

The new Diesel store has a great layout full of their edgy designs and innovative pieces. The store includes men's and women's fashion, footwear, and other accessories to help you get that perfect head to toe outfit.

One thing I loved about the store is their mannequins. That might sound weird to some of you, but check them out. They were standing up or sitting in cool positions and were incredibly styled. Since I've worked in retail, I always felt that mannequin styling is very important. It could make you want to walk in a store, try something on or not interest you at all.

Shopping with Lauren and Jessie!

Okay, now for a little styling. For my first outfit, I tried on a top that is perfect for spring and summer. It was light, airy and could look perfect on any body type. The jeans were super comfortable, not too tight, with just enough stretch. This probably was my favorite!

I loved the fit of this hoodie. It was so loose and versatile. I could see it being used for running to the gym or for everyday looks. The peach colored jegging could almost be looked at as a neutral color. It's a great shade that could be paired with many other colors, but I kept it simple and paired it with this tie-up tank that's so soft and effortless.

Sorry for acting a bit goofy in this pic, but I couldn't help myself. Brianna Hardy (pictured with me below) is one of the stylist there and suggested I try on this awesome jumpsuit which gave me a Charlie's Angel vibe. The back has straps that are adjustable (check that out here) and I decided to layer it with lace tank for a added surprise.The best thing about a jumpsuit is that you can dress it up or down and accessorize in so many fun ways. Brianna gave me this cool wrap around belt that takes away the challenge of figuring out how to layer your belts and creates a waistline.

The last outfit I tried on was a favorite of my girl, Natalie from The Second Best Blog. The blazer believe it or not had a camo print in black and dark blue. This makes it easy to pair with dark blue denim or even black pants to make it work appropriate.

Some of the Ladies of Philly FABB: (l to r) Jessie, Lauren, and Natalia!

Make sure you shop Diesel at KOP to check it out for yourself. Thanks to everyone that came to check it out, my ladies from Philly FABB, and the whole Diesel team. Have a great day!
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