A few weeks back, I was excited to spread the news about the newest store to open in the King of Prussia Mall, The Body Shop Pulse Beauty Boutique. The store visit was not only lots of fun, but also very educational. I learned so much about the brand, the products, and how what we choose to use effects us (or someone or something) everyday. The reason I say, choose to use is because everyday we are faced with choices big and small that can positively effect our health, lifestyle, and environment, but it's only if we choose to. The great thing about the employees here, are that they're well educated in their brand and willing to help you learn anything and everything so you can personally feel that you made a good decision.

The visit also helped me to realize that living a green or eco-friendly lifestyle doesn't always mean cutting out on the cosmetics we love to use or paying outrageously high prices for great quality products. In my opinion, the prices are no more than what you would usually pay for other popular cosmetic brands, but your getting all natural ingredients that are wonderful for your skin.

All the products at The Body Shop are part of a Community Fair Trade Program, empowering and enriching small communities all over the world. From Virgin Organic Coconut Oil from Samoa to Honey from Ethiopia every product has a story behind it. In the boutique, you can also find an area decicated to helping out non-profit organizations found locally and how you can get involved.

One thing I learned that stuck out to me, was that animal testing is still being practiced in some areas. I would have thought at this day and age, there would be bans on such practices, but there isn't. Since 1996, The Body Shop has been fighting against such horrible practices. All of their products are Cruelty-Free and their brushes are made with the softest synthetic hairs for a seamless application.

While I was there, I got my make-up done by their in-house make-up artist Donna Binder, who is so awesome. She gave me some great tips and tricks on easy make-up application that can be perfect for day or night. (Make sure you check out the video below to see her in action.) If you're in the mall, definitely stop by and check her out. She'll be more than happy to help you customize a beauty routine that works for you.

I would like to thank everyone that entered our giveaway for The Body Shop last month! Congrats to Tracy, our winner! I hope you enjoy your prize pack! If you haven't shopped The Body Shop before check out my Top 5 picks on our Beauty Page! For more information on The Body Shop visit their website: TheBodyShop-USA.com. Have a great week everyone!
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