Almost every year my mother, sisters and I take a trip to the Philadelphia Flower Show. My mother decided to skip it this year so it was just the three of us. Each time I'm always amazed of how horticulturalist design such amazing displays. The theme this year was "Brilliant" with pieces inspired by British culture which included everything from icons like The Beetles and Big Ben to childhood favorites, Alice in Wonderful and Peter Rabbit.

My favorite exhibit of the flower show is the jewelry display. Each piece is made with products of nature. The cuff in the top left corner is made with corn husk, millet, Lima beans, raffia, and yellow split peas. The necklace: white peppercorn, reeds, all spice, Japanese lilies, and laquat seeds. The crown: cockscombs, palm, millet, peppercorn, peas, and cotton. For the shoe, I have to apologize because I didn't get what it was made with, but I know it contained leaves. So interesting.

If you haven't experienced the Philadelphia Flower Show, it's a great show. There's different themed days for everyone's personality, food and drinks, and beautiful floral arrangements. Here's some tips to keep in mind for when you go:

  1. If you're looking for great deals on flowers and plants to take home, go on the last day of the event. The merchants drop prices dramatically to sell out of their merchandise. You can find things for 50% off, Buy One, Get One or 2 for whatever.
  2. Near the convention center, parking and traffic is a nightmare during the show. Plan out your route to the show ahead of time if you're driving. If you're fortunate enough to find a parking spot on the street, be extra sure that you're able to park there. Most of the streets have the metered parking turns into tow away zones and you don't want to end up on Parking Wars. Even if you see other people already parked there, double check and ask a cop or someone of the Philadelphia Parking Authority.
  3. Save a few bucks on ticket prices and skip the long ticket lines by picking up tickets in advance. The Acme Market carries tickets at a discounted price that's better than online and at the door. For example, tickets at the gate: $32, tickets purchased online: $27, tickets at Acme: $25. Enough said.
Next year's theme for The Flower Show is ARTiculture. Check out this teaser from their official website, to get a glimpse of some inspiration.

Did you go to the Philadelphia Flower Show this year? Let me know what you thought.
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