Fashion of Philly: Searching Away

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Searching Away

Yesterday I went to my local library to get my son his first library card, but I figured I'd find something good to read for myself. When I searched the word "fashion" in the computer, of course all these titles came up, from how to dress professionally to how to sew, but I wasn't looking for any of those. I was thinking more autobiography about designers or even a Vogue book on their covers over the years. So I tried to narrow down my choices and just searched "Chanel". Results: 3. Two were movies and the other one was a autobiography copyrighted 1974. Instead of leaving empty handed I checked out the book.

My Library Find
It seems like if you want a good up-to-date book on fashion you have to head to B&N or Borders, but once you get there you have to dig to find them. The fashion books are all over the place without a real home. Some in the non-fiction section, others in entertainment or even in self-help. Why can't fashion be a section of its own? Home, Garden and Crafts have their own section and so do Science Fiction and Fantasy, so why not Fashion? How easy would it be to just go to the fashion section of Barnes & Noble's and find all the books dealing with that subject? Who do I talk to about making this happen? Fashion has more than enough books under its belt to have its own category. But until then I guess, I'll just be reading the little decimal numbers and searching away.

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