Fashion of Philly: Black in Fashion - Terri Stevens

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Black in Fashion - Terri Stevens

Designer Terri Stevens
You might remember today's Black in Fashion from Project Runway, Season 5. Terri Stevens made the top 6 and was surpassed by Leanne Marshall Christian Siriano, but that did not slow this Chicago native down. Before making her television debut on Project Runway, Stevens attended the Columbia College in Chicago, there she earned a Bachelor's of Arts in Fashion Design & Merchandise. While in school, she caught the eye of designer, Barbara Bates of Bates Design and was offered a position as an assistant designer at Bates' firm. There she formed a talent for cutting and eyeball sewing. Along with working at Bates Design, Stevens also was the Visual Merchandiser for retail giants: Nordstorm's, Levi's, and Victoria's Secret. She even spent some time overseas in Paris and worked along with designers at Xyly Bet and Colette. Now Stevens owns and designs two lines: Michael Joseph - sophisticated, funky, chic, and funkinbeautiful - urban, raw, edgy. And wait there's more! Terri Stevens has also been a featured personality on red carpet events and television shows such as The Oscars, MTV Movie Awards, and BET's Rip the Runway. She writes a magazine blog,, to keep readers up to date on what's happening in the fashion industry, the latest and hottest looks, and red carpet hits and misses. Whew!

Looks from Terri Stevens Fall/Winter 2009 Collection
Terri Stevens currently resides in Columbus, OH and amongst her busy schedule, I love the fact that she's given back to her community by becoming the founder of EXES, a fashion club for students and local designers to showcase their work and network with retailers and talent agencies. Her designs are featured in several boutiques across the US and her newest collection can be viewed at the upcoming EMERGE Fashion Show during February's 2011 NYFW.

"I am rock and roll,” she had said of her style, “…if you'd throw Aerosmith, Lauryn Hill, Michael Jackson, and Madonna all together that’s my style."

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  1. she wasn't on the season with christian siriano. hahahah gets your facts right

  2. Well when doing my research, I came across her Myspace page with this quote in her about me section, which led me to think that her and Chirstian Siriano were on the same show - "FROM CHICAGO SUNTIMES... "Hot tranny mess" may have been the catchphrase on Bravo's "Project Runway" last season thanks to winner Christian Siriano, but if Chicago native Terri Stevens has anything to say about it, "funkin' beautiful" will enter the pop-culture lexicon in a big way."

    But I am not afraid to admit when I'm wrong so I will make the correction.


  3. research means you find facts. how does making an assumption off something random on myspace make you think you found a fact? google or wikipedia can help you girl hahahaha. i don't mind either way not tryin to cause trouble just jumped out at me. do what you do i like it

  4. I used Google as the search engine that led me to her official myspace page and wikipedia is unreliable because the information can be entered by anyone so I don't use wikipedia, but thanks.