Oh Balenciaga...

by Brittiny Stewart, 12:00 PM
You never cease to amaze me. With every collection comes awesome shoes that I fall in love with. The shoe collection hits the nail on some of the trendiest looks for this Spring. From 70's chic through edgy platform soled shoes fit for a punk princess to vibrant heels that would be perfect for the season bright colors. Balenciaga shoes definitely sets the bar for lower priced shoe masters like Steve Madden with their innovative designs. In 2007, Balenciaga even took Steve Madden to court over their "Lego" shoe design, which was a little too similar for their liking, but I will admit, I liked it for that reason and brought the knock-off. (GASPS!) And until I have the money to spend on the actual Balenciaga's, if they do a version of one of the shoes below, I might have to get those too! (DOUBLE GASPS!)

Pictures from Balenciaga.com

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