Fashion of Philly: Which Foxy Flavor are You?

Friday, January 3, 2014

Which Foxy Flavor are You?

Even though some of us may have vowed to eat healthy and exercise regularly, who are we kidding? We love our sweets, desserts, and things that probably aren't good for us, but I found something that, believe it or not, has made me break my ice cream addiction. Delicious Frozen Yogurt, but not just any kind, Foxy's Premium Frozen Yogurt makes yummy favors that'll truly satisfy your sweet tooth! 

My personal favorite was the Naughty Pash favor, Honeycomb & Caramel Chunks. The taste is similar to a Werther's Candy, but 10 times better! There's four Foxy Flavors to choose from including a Cheeky Mango & Passionfruit Smoothie, the Sneaky Wild Berry & Chocolate Flakes, and the Sassy Vanilla Bean and Strawberry Hunks. Not only do their flavors sound and taste amazing, but their retro style packaging and branding are super cool and eye catching. (If you're into that kind of stuff.)

Each of these flavors are 100% guilt free and are made from real California milk, live cultures, and natural ingredients and contains half the calories, fat, and sugar of other name-brand ice creams. To find out where you can grab your own guilt free snack and a coupon, check out their site, Also like them on Facebook to find recipes on how to take your new favorite dessert to the next level! So forget the cake! Have your FroYo and eat it too!

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