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Monday, January 20, 2014

Lash Diaries: Ardell Lashes
Welcome to another issue of the Lash Diaries. Today, I will be talking about my experience with Ardell lashes. I found them at Walgreens on sale for about $2.99, but they are pretty popular so you can find them at a lot of other drugstores and superstores like Target and WalMart. One thing I didn't realize when I brought the lashes is that they didn't come with their own glue. So I relied on my trusty EcoTools lash glue which worked great.

Ardell Edgy Lashes Style 401

When I pulled the lashes off the holder, I noticed a lot of the adhesive was still stuck to the lashes. This was pretty annoying to peel off because I didn't want to mess up my lashes before I even had a chance to use them. The style I brought were from the Edgy Collection in Style 401 which are full length lashes. They're thinner at the inner corner and grow fuller towards the outer. They are really lightweight, so you have to be really careful when applying them so that they lay the right way on your natural lash line. Overall, I really like the way these lashes looked. They weren't too over the top but they were just enough to add a lil something special.

Next week, I'll be doing a review of all the lashes and revealing my top pick plus I'll have some photos of what each set of lashes looks like on me to give you a better visual. Be sure to check out my previous lash experiences with NYX and EcoTools and thanks for reading!

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