Fashion of Philly: My Experience with the Galaxy S5

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

My Experience with the Galaxy S5

In October, my 2-year cell phone contract will be up and I'll be on the prowl looking for a new phone. Thankfully, I've been working with Verizon Wireless and testing out a few of the hottest phones on the market. I am loving this because I get the opportunity to really become hands on with the phone, learn about all of it's tricks and gadgets, and when the time is right make the right discussion on which phone is best for me and my lifestyle.

The first phone I was able to review was the amazing Samsung Galaxy S5. Just knowing that the phone is water-proof was crazy by itself, but that was just the beginning. Before I continue, let me explain that I once was an Android user, but later switched to the Team iPhone. I have to say that it was most likely because it was the popular thing to do. Most bloggers had iPhones, some of my friends had iPhones, so I felt like I needed one too, but after my experience with the Galaxy S5...I think it's time to retire from Team iPhone. (Quick disclaimer: This is not to start a #TeamiPhone #TeamAndroid war, just stating my opinion.)

The Galaxy S5 truly lives up to the name "smart"phone. There were so many times where the phone would catch me off guard, sort to speak, because I felt like it was paying attention to me. How could this be? Well, here's an example: One day I had set my alarm to wake up around 7:00 am. Then, I used the navigation to plug in an address. Well, let's just say the next time I woke up from my alarm, it also told me how long it would take to get the previously entered destination. Maybe that won't blow your mind, but to me, I was impressed. 

As a fashion and lifestyle blogger, taking pictures for my blog and social media is very important. With that being said, the camera on this phone has wonderful quality. From a super fast auto focus to beauty face mode, which is perfect for selfies and even a virtual tour setting, the 16mp camera is full of endless fun. You can also find an awesome studio editor on the phone so you can perfect you photos even more before launching them to Instagram.

I also love the fact the I could have two apps running at the same time. Usually, when I go for a walk/run around the track, I like to use one of those fitness apps to track calories and distance, but on my iPhone I can't use a music app like iTunes Radio and the fitness apps at the same time. However on the Galaxy S5, it's not a problem. Best of all there's a fitness tracker already on the phone. When using the fitness tracker along with the Milk music app, it allows me to get focused and ready to go. Not to mention, the fast speed of the Verizon Wireless 4G LTE network, keep all of my apps running smoothly without any interruption. 
As you can see, I really loved using the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the other phones out there have some big shoes to fill. Make sure you stop by again to see which phone I'll be testing next.

Do you own the Samsung Galaxy S5? What are some of your favorite apps? 

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