Fashion of Philly: #FOPSummer: Bathroom Travel Essentials

Monday, July 14, 2014

#FOPSummer: Bathroom Travel Essentials

On my quick getaway to Ocean City, Maryland, I made sure to pack a few of my favorite bathroom essentials. Most of these are either new products that I've been sent to review and really enjoyed them or products that have always been a favorite of mine.

Let's start on the left with the DenTek Comfort Clean Floss Picks. Yes, you're suppose to floss at least once a day, but even carrying them around with you is great for when you need a toothpick. Now you can even find them in a cute and compact travel case for when you're on the go. Since we're on the subject of oral health, let's move over to the Reach Toothbrush. Having a few manual toothbrushes around are great to have for those quick getaways and over-nighters. This summer, I've made sure to pack my Reach Complete Care Triple Angle Floss Toothbrush. The bristle are soft on your gums, but tough enough to remove gross plaque between teeth.

Now for face and body products. Olay products have always been my go to for my facial cleansing needs. Everything else just seems to irritate my face or not deliver the same results. While at Target recently, I picked up the Olay Fresh Effects {Out of this Swirled} Deep Pore Clean & Exfoliating Scrub. It's amazing at cleaning off dirt, sweat, and makeup accumulated throughout the day.

Not too long ago, I blogged about Whish Body Shaving Cream and I've been hooked ever since. Using this along with my razor of choice, the Schick Hydro Silk, leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth after every shave. One very important skincare product that everyone should be carrying with them is sunscreen. My current obsession, Neutrogena's line of UltraSheer sunscreen products. (You can read more about them here.) This little wonder may look like a deodorant stick, but Neutrogena's new UltraSheer Face & Body Stick is perfect for tossing in your purse or beach bag and applying throughout the day.

Do you have any bathroom travel essentials? Share them in a comment below! I'm always looking for great products to try.

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