Fashion of Philly: A New Way to Get Around

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

A New Way to Get Around

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Luxury car services have been on the raise in the Philadelphia area. The newest one to hit the town is Black Lane car services. I recently used Black Lane to get to an event in Center City, Philadelphia. The major differences I noticed with Black Lane and other car services is that the cost of your trip is calculated by either the distance of your trip or an hourly rate so there's no hidden fees. Another thing that impressed me, is that they even come to Jersey!

The cars are clean, luxurious and come in a range of vehicle sizes to accommodate your traveling party. Everything from booking to paying can be done through the Black Lane app, which you can download through iTunes or Google Play. If you're interested in trying out this exclusive black car service for yourself, simply download the app or visit and arrive to your next event in style.

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