Fashion of Philly: Scatter My Ashes

Friday, May 24, 2013

Scatter My Ashes

When you think of Bergdorf's what comes to your mind? Is it the luxury brands, the dreamy shoe salon, or those unbelievable window displays? Maybe it's all three. Bergdorf Goodman is truly a staple department store in the fashion industry. However, department store is one of the last ways I would think to describe such a grand place. So grand, that women have considered wanting their ashes scattered among the building. Which brings me to the title of the new documentary, "Scatter My Ashes At Berdgorf's". If you're a lover of the history of fashion and learning how such power houses came to be, gather up some friends and check out this movie in select theaters. You'll find some of your favorite designers such as Michael Kors, Christian Louboutin, and Oscar de la Renta telling about their own personal connection to Bergdorf Goodman. I'm ready to pay a visit just thinking about it. I really enjoyed watching it and I hope you will, too!

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