Fashion of Philly: A Night with an Illustrator

Sunday, September 16, 2012

A Night with an Illustrator

It was a pleasure meeting Christian Dior's Beauty Artist in Residence and Fashion Illustrator, Bil Donovan! It was so much fun being in a room full of love for Donovan and his work. I had the privileged of sitting with his sister and other members of his family who by the end of the night made me feel like an extended member. If you are not yet familiar with his work, visit and I'm sure he'll become an instant favorite.

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  1. Hi Brittiny. So nice to meet you at the XIX event last night. Turns out we were also both at Bil Donovan's book signing (I'll be posting about it, too). Wasn't it marvelous? He is such a great talent -- and such a down to earth man. Love that he's from Philly!

    I'm sure I'll see you soon at an upcoming Philly fashion event :)