Anne Klein is the newest luxury retailer to join the prestigious Walnut Street shopping district. Don't think of Anne Klein as just your mother's brand, they have updated their looks to appeal to the younger generation. I love the store's layout, which is an edgy split level design. Among the walls of the entry space are sketches of Anne Klein's early work which made the brand what it is today.

On the Right: Some of the Exclusive Merchandise Available Only at the Philadelphia Flagship Location
On the Left: Complete Your Entire Look with Anne Klein Accessories 

You'll find tons of accessories on the upper level from boots to watches to complete your head to toe look. On the lower level, you can shop the Leo Legacy Collection showcasing designer Anne Klein's distinctive original vision for the brand, updated for today.

Dresses from the Leo Legacy Collection
The Dress on the Right is to Promote Breast Cancer Awareness
The DJ was Spinning Tunes All Night 

Great Conservation with Tyler About The Leo Collection.
This flagship store is home to many exclusive pieces including several bags and totes featuring copies of Anne Klein's original sketches. Also around the store are several items dedicated to raising awareness for breast cancer.

Bottom Left: These two lovely people make sure the watches are timeless, no pun intended.
Surprisingly Met Up with Caitlin Sweeney from
I had an awesome time at the Anne Klein VIP Grand Opening. I feel like I got to reconnect with the brand on a personal level and not just idenifying it as an older brand. Some of my favorite pieces were the bright hue tights, the simple yet stylish Heritage Dress, and any of the accessories with the lion medallion. Lions are known for their strength and power so it's such a fitting symbol for the Anne Klein brand. Their items give women a sense of strength and power whether it be for the workplace or an evening out.

Make sure you stop by the Anne Klein flagship store located on 1711 Walnut St. For more information on Anne Klein, check out their site at
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