Fashion of Philly: Things We Can't Wait To Do in California: Disneyland & Disney's California Adventure

Monday, May 14, 2018

Things We Can't Wait To Do in California: Disneyland & Disney's California Adventure

The last time I visited Disneyland in California was about 10 years ago. Darius was about 6 months old, so he really doesn't remember much and most of what's there now wasn't even a thought of like Cars Land, Splitsville, and Gradians of the Galaxy - Mission Breakout. Finally, the time has come for another trip to sunny California and we're so excited for our upcoming trip at the end of August!

Of course we've done a lot of research on what's new out there, so in addition to counting down the days, I've decided to write a series of post on Things I Can't Wait To Do in California! I'll be covering  theme parks and other activities we plan on doing while on vacation, but first up here are 5 things I'm looking forward to doing in Disneyland and Disney's California Adventure.

#1 Pixar Fest

Disney Photos Courtesy of Disney
Pixar Fest is going on now until September 3 inside both Disneyland and Disney's California Adventure. Not only will your favorite Pixar characters be out and about like Woody and Jessie from Toy Story and Joy and Sadness from Inside Out, but there will be other activities to celebrate your favorite Pixar movies. And of course, no Disney festival would be complete without some themed food to go with it.

I love the food at Disney, so I can't wait to get my hands on some of these yummy treats. The Redd Roclet's Pizza Port at Disneyland has been transformed into Alien Pizza Planet which is great because I miss the old Pizza Planet in Hollywood Studio in Walt Disney World. Other treats include the "Monster, INC" themed color-changing chilled noodle salad at Lucky Fortune Cookery (pictured above), a "Ratatouille"-inspired three course dinner at Cafe Orleans, new churro flavors including a "COCO" - inspired Coco Churro (find it at the Froniterland churro cart), and the "Up"-inspired multi-colored fruity churro with lemon sugar (find this at the churro cart on Main Street).

#2 Pixar Pier

What was known as Paradise Pier in Disney's California Adventure will now be called Pixar Pier with some pretty awesome changes! Two that are most exciting are the opening are the new Incredicoaster and Lamplight Lounge. On the Incredicoaster, guests will race along with the Parr family in an attempt to catch baby Jack Jack. For many of the children in my family, this was their first upside down roller coaster and hopefully my son will carry on the tradition.

There will also be a new eatery called Lamplight Lounge, in honor of the creative imaginations from the creators of our favorite Pixar films. The Lamplight Lounge will serve California causal gastro-pub cuisine that is playfully presented, along with unique signature cocktails and a guest favorite: Lobster Nachos (pictured above).

#3 Marvel Characters 

Disney has slowly began introducing Marvel characters into their theme parks. Even when we went to Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World we were able to meet Star Lord & Baby Groot. Now we can continue our Marvel sightings in Disney's California Adventure by meeting the Black Panther and riding Guardians of the Galaxy - Mission Breakout. The Black Panther meet and greet is only available for a limited time, so I'm happy we get to say "Hello" before he goes back to Wakanda.

#4 The Void at Downtown Disney District - Star Wars Secret of an Empire.

The Void recently opened a multi-sensory experience at Downtown Disney District. This hyper-reality attraction transports guest deep into the Star Wars universe, allowing them to walk freely and untethered throughout the space to a galaxy far, far away. We are huge Star Wars fans at my house, so this is a must do for us. Thankfully our son turned 10 this year, so he just passed the age limit to be able to enjoy it too.

#5 Cars Land

My family can't wait to explore Cars Land! My son, Darius, grew up watching the Cars series and they were some of his favorite movies. Not only does he know all the characters, but he also has tons of toys and die cast models from the series. Going to Cars Land will be a totally new experience for all of  us that we are really looking forward to. Getting a bite to eat at Flo's V8 Cafe is definitely on our list of things to do and seeing the town at night is going to be amazing!

Have you recently visited Disneyland or Disney's California Adventure? What are some of your favorite things to do or places to eat?

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