Thursday, May 10, 2018

Meeting Brands at Beauty² - The Spring Event

Last week, I was invited to the Beauty² The Spring Event, where bloggers, press, and beauty industry insiders came to get up close and personal with the newest beauty brands to hit the market. We were able to meet with the creators, ask questions and try out their products first hand. This was a great opportunity and I really enjoyed my visit! All of them had something unique to offer and now I want to share some of them with you. So if you're looking for some new beauty brands to try, continue reading!

"Petite Histoire", which means the backstory between lovers in French, is a line of all-natural fragrances drawing inspiration from global settings and the emotions we feel with those we love. Founder and creator, Jeff Smith was inspired by the time he spent living in Italy and Paris and created a series of wildly seductive perfumes. Hollywoodland happened to be my favorite with key notes of rose de mai, lavender, and vanilla bourbon. 


Blackout Mask is a skincare revolution with all natural ingredients that will rejuvenate, repair, and replenish your beautiful skin. Founder Scarlett Hrlec wanted a mask that was affordable (prices start at $15 for their activated charcoal and coconut mask), mess-free and good for your skin. Made from the highest quality Australian ingredients and containing no chemicals, parabens, sulphates or fragrances and they're cruelty free. One ingenious tool they came up with is their wipe off towels. They start off about the size of a quarter, but after running it under water, they expand into a full size 100% cotton towel! 


River Organics is an independent beauty company that makes organic oil based makeup and skin care. They have an amazing line of creamy tinted lip balms, highlights, blushes, and brow wax packaged in eco-friendly containers. Below you'll see a swatch of their Bronzing Makeup Stick ($14.99). Everything is creamy, hydrating, but lightweight.

Pronounced "Moonie Moonie", is a Tagalog phrase meaning to think deeply, to ponder. Like the name suggest, Muni Muni thoughtfully created their products while staying committed to being natural, ethical, and impactful. These products not only restore the health and vitality of the skin, but also stimulate the senses. If you're into body scrubs like me, take a look at their So Smooth Exfoliating Body Scrub in Reship, it smells amazing!


Stare Cosmetics is designed to compliment your skin care regime and care for your skin to bring out the most beautiful YOU. Stare Cosmetics offers a full line of high performing, luxury color cosmetics  bringing together science and nature. Some of the products I would love to get my hands on are their Glossy Glosses, Lash Lover Primer, and Dare to Stare Mascara.

Ever wish you could have a different lash look every day of the week? Look no more. Saturday Lashes has the perfect lashes for the weekend and everything (and day) in between. From Monday Coffee to Friday Night because why should Saturday have all the fun! Founded in sunny California, Katrina Shebang had a goal to make lashes fun and easy to use. I really love that the Friday Night lashes contain a bottom layer of blue hairs to enhances the whites of the eyes. So Thoughtful!

Dome Beauty created its new makeup line for the modern women and speaks to those from all walks of life. Founder and CEO, Maribeth Pyne, prides herself on the products lasting all day, EVERY DAY. My favorite product was the metallic Eye Jewels - Radiant Mousse Shadow. All of the dome BEAUTY products are paraben, sulfate, phthalate and cruelty free.


Deco Miami offers nail care products geared to the millennial with the concept of fast-fashion, forecasting the newest styles from fashion runways and digital media. The packaging is a Instagram-worthy as your nails will be. #ManiMonday




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